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No matter, you must think about the place your audience is coming from in order to guide them for your desired end result. India, china foremost the building block want developed nations around the world to pay for the things they have completed improper within the past with nature.

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Momlife – What I didn’t know


// Momlife – What I didn’t know //

Heading to Instagram, momlife aka #momlife is one of those hashtags out there used a lot, but apart from that word making it big in Social Media, there is plenty about momlife I didn’t yet know…

Time management:

A couple of weeks into motherhood and there is no time for anything else.

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Being a mum: The first weeks after birth


// Being a mum: The first weeks after birth //

And then, just like that – your whole life has been turned upside down. Many of you will have heard this saying before and what can I say, it’s true! When Nala Sophia came into our world on December 13, we didn’t know what she would have in store for us!

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// Christmas looks under 150€ //

Only a few weeks ago, I rediscovered Esprit, the brand that had long been lost and gone unnoticed. No wonder, I checked in again with them just before Christmas to see if there would be any stylish items available for the most wonderful time of the year.

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What is Hypnobirthing?


// What is Hypnobirthing? //

Being in the final weeks of expecting our baby girl, I would like to take some time talking about hypnobirthing. One of the reasons, I have been meditating and going to yoga instead of blogging! Ever since a friend told me about giving birth the hypno way, I stuck my nose into all articles on- and offline that I could find!

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Moving house during pregnancy


// Moving house during pregnancy //

You may have noticed that for the past weeks, I have been, well, kind of absent. Main reason being moving house during pregnancy! In short, we made the move from Hamburg to Bremen! And with a big relocation come big changes.

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This 90ies label celebrates a huge revival


//This 90ies label celebrates a huge revival//

You may remember that time you went to primary or maybe high school and all you wore were labels that, by now, have completely gone out of fashion. Mainly because they simply missed going with the times, changing, when change was needed (and we all know, change in fashion is a constant).

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