A little monkey on the way: My pregnancy routine


A little monkey on the way: My pregnancy routine

Judging by my latest blog posts you may have noticed that ever since finding out there is a little monkey on the way, my life has changed. Starting with my morning pregnancy routine, I take more time, well, for everything.

It starts right after I wake up, when I head into the living room to set up for my everyday sports routine. Yes, everyday! The routine includes a follow up of exercises for my triceps, legs and bottom. 15 minutes each morning suffice to build up some strength over time. This ensures that, on top of other activities, I get a small workout in each day.

After my workout, I take a shower and spend those extra couple of minutes massaging some oil onto my belly to avoid stretch marks. My favourite by the way is Horny Cow (haha, the name) by Cowshed. Its’ smell has always been a favourite of mine and you can use it in the bath as well. Though Udderly Gorgeous is probably the one massage oil, most pregnant women go for.

After getting ready and dressed, I move into the kitchen, where I prepare a cup or sometimes even a whole pot of herbal tea and have my quick, delicious and sugar free breakfast.


Top: SheIn // Bracelet: Balenciaga // Denims: Topshop

As I work from home two days a week, it gives me the perfect balance between doing my own thing and now, during pregnancy, having some time to relax. Trying to stay in shape as much as possible, I generally work on the computer for a few hours, get a workout in such as cycling, yoga or going for a swim, before sitting back down for part two of my home office day.

Though I should probably focus more on writing plenty of blog posts, I do get carried away. Looking for the perfect changing table, cute interior pieces for Grapey’s room (Grapey is the name in progress by the way) as well as the perfect rug and lighting can be challenging. These are subjects, I am currently working on…while working!

Bar from that I couldn’t think of a more exciting time in my life. Checking my pregnancy app every morning to see what news there are each day, suddenly beginning to feel Grapey move around to the music I am playing and seeing my whole body change from week to week sure are wondrous things that I don’t want to miss – ever.

The downside: I have become the total party pooper. As much as I would love to still go out for hours until the early morning hours, I just can’t! Not only does it get pretty weird when around midnight everyone surrounding you is suddenly drunk, but it is just not what you are after when pregnant.

Much rather do I enjoy going for dinner with friends, cooking at home, reading magazines and the general me time. Looks like mummy things are all your pregnancy routine is about when preparing to have a little monkey. 

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