Acai Bowls: This summer’s breakfast trend


Acai Bowls: This summer’s breakfast trend

I first found out about acai bowls when a small company from Hamburg started supplying our office with small bowls of morning goodness for breakfast! The choice offered varied between flavours such as mango, banana or berry with all of them having acai powder as their main base. Imagine this: A bowl full of cold and yummy smoothie-like thick mousse topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas or coconut sprinkles.

But what really is acai?

It’s a berry that growns in South America, mainly Brazil. The size and look of a blueberry, the acai berry is being forested from a specific kind of tall palm tree. With its origin of usage around the Amazon river, the small berries have known to be used as a remed against various diseases such as diarrhea, ulcers or infection. Nowadays the berry can be found in various skincare products. It counts as a solid vitamin booster amongst the so called superfoods – thanks to their high level of antioxidant activity.

Acai berries tend to be low in sugar, boosting high levels of Vitamin A, iron, calcium and fibre. The berries are linked to weight loss capabilities and prevent health problems such as inflammation, arthritis and allergies. All in all the small berry is highly powerful and the perfect add on to kickstart your day with a healthy breakfast! Let’s get that acai bowl going.


Good morning acai bowl recipe

 Serves 2 // You need:

-300g frozen raspberries

-1 banana 

-1 avocado

-1 -1.5 tbsp acai powder

-coconut water

for the topping:

-half a banana

-fresh berries to your liking

-cocoa nibs

-coconut sprinkles if you wish

How to: 

Cut the banana and avocado into pieces and place them in your mixer. Add the frozen berries, a dash of coconut water as well as the acai powder and mix it up until smooth! 

Now fill up your breakfast bowl with the acai mousse and top it with a banana, fresh berries, coconut sprinkles and cocoa nibs to your liking – ENJOY!


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