An insider’s guide to the Hamptons




// An insider’s guide to the Hamptons //

On my very first trip to New York City, we didn’t just have more than a week to explore New York City, but a full day to spend in the Hamptons as well. What can I say, I would have loved to extend my stay at the beautiful beach side as it more than lived up my expectations! I mean, we have all seen a bit of the Hamptons here and there as most of the TV programmes filmed in New York just can’t resist to show off a bit of the beautiful beaches and cute little towns at the east end of Long Island! 




This way Serena and Blair of Gossip Girl as well as the whole Sex and the City gang (oh, did I mention Revenge? That series that is solely based in the Hamptons) have shown us what the Hamptons have in store. And though we do not have a big mansion with a very own pool right by the seaside, the beach is just enough! Driving along Long Island, heading right into the Hamptons, you are being welcomed with the sight of beautiful little (and very American // think Ralph Lauren home) wooden houses. Most of them featuring a front porch, some kind of pick up truck outside the house, basketball hoops by the garage and the American Flag up in the air! This very homy feel makes you want to stay right on the spot – but you haven’t seen all yet! Coming closer to the beaches, one mansion after the other keeps building up along the seaside roads. Driving by, you can’t help but wonder, which celebrity may be vacationing behind those doors while in your head you are trying to make up a master plan to one day buy a house just like this.





I did a good bit of research before heading to the Hamptons, in order for our stay not to be too touristy but a rather local experience. The most beautiful spots to visit definitely are Westhampton Beach, Hampton Bays, Southampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbour and Montauk with their little stores, beautiful marinas and fresh lobster rolls. If you are coming from New York City, you are best off renting a car, exploring Long Island all for yourself. First stop: Ponquogue beach: I couldn’t believe my luck sitting by the sea in the heat (and we are talking late September!) with not a single tourist around, only a few Americans playing volleyball in the sand. I was already wishing I had brought my bikini and not just that, I already wished, I had more time to spend here! Lucky enough I had packed my brand new sunnies by VIU – a very hip brand from Switzerland specializing in general glasses and sunglasses that are being made in Italy. The Lean, which actually was the model I was wearing (and the sunnies I basically haven’t taken off since) were the perfect fit to my boho/sporty look that, by the way, was way too hot to be worn in 28°C!




One of the hotspots I HAD to see was The Surf Lodge in Montauk. Not only have the likes of Zoe Kravitz already played a concert at this super stylish surfy location, but it seems that all of the fashion crowd keeps hanging out there. So I went and it was beeeautiful! Mexican chairs, beachy chill out areas and a motel that makes you feel right at home. Surfer boys included! After a quick hang by the lodge, we went on to eat lobster! Yep, totally dug into the fresh seafood of that day’s catch and enjoyed a glass of white vine at Gosman’s while checking out the Montauk crowd and watch the boats go by.

After a late lunch it was time to hit Montauk harbour, checking out the happenings there and grabbing another drink at the local (and very special!) pub called The Dock. Kind of amazing how many deep sea fishing boats take off from there. I almost hopped on one and though I am no fan of fishing, deep sea fishing is one of the things on my list, meaning I may just have to do that on my next trip to the Hamptons!



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  1. Rochella
    12/10/2015 at 9:42 am (3 Jahren ago)

    I love your tips. I still hope to go there once. Love the pictures xoxo

    • style
      14/10/2015 at 11:45 am (3 Jahren ago)

      thank you my dear, you should definitely go some day, it’s really worth it! xx


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