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Monkey’s 10 before the 10th


It’s not even the middle of the month yet and you have already spend most of your earnings on, well general living expenses and possibly a little bit of fashion – am I right? Well, this happens to me all the time, which is, why I have come up with the perfect solution called Monkey’s 10 before the 10th. 

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The perfect Christmas Guide to Shopping

christmas gift guide

Get your Christmas act together: Only three weeks left until the big happy day and you still haven’t got any presents? The good news is: You can relax. To get you shopping in no time, I have put together a selection of perfect Christmas gifts, that will make you look like a trophy wife, amazing daughter or best friend.

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MCM: In the sack…ehm, the bag//obviously.

MCM Bags Backpacks

Plenty of bling and good quality leather: Meet the MCM Cruise Collection

The stores are full of Christmas decorations, the tree is about to go up and you have possibly been looking around for the perfect dress to wear to your Christmas party.

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The deal and the real: Designer Items off the catwalk

etro-catwalkEtro Autumn/Winter 2014

arizona-muse-etroArizona Muse at a cocktail party at the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italia Film Festival

Who wears it better // Designer Looks off the runway

Catwalk vs. real life: In this new section of my blog, Stylethemonkey will be comparing designer items on and off the catwalk.

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