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Momlife – What I didn’t know


// Momlife – What I didn’t know //

Heading to Instagram, momlife aka #momlife is one of those hashtags out there used a lot, but apart from that word making it big in Social Media, there is plenty about momlife I didn’t yet know…

Time management:

A couple of weeks into motherhood and there is no time for anything else.

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Being a mum: The first weeks after birth


// Being a mum: The first weeks after birth //

And then, just like that – your whole life has been turned upside down. Many of you will have heard this saying before and what can I say, it’s true! When Nala Sophia came into our world on December 13, we didn’t know what she would have in store for us!

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What is Hypnobirthing?


// What is Hypnobirthing? //

Being in the final weeks of expecting our baby girl, I would like to take some time talking about hypnobirthing. One of the reasons, I have been meditating and going to yoga instead of blogging! Ever since a friend told me about giving birth the hypno way, I stuck my nose into all articles on- and offline that I could find!

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Moving house during pregnancy


// Moving house during pregnancy //

You may have noticed that for the past weeks, I have been, well, kind of absent. Main reason being moving house during pregnancy! In short, we made the move from Hamburg to Bremen! And with a big relocation come big changes.

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How to enjoy the perfect babymoon


// How to enjoy the perfect Babymoon //

Only a few months or even weeks to go until the baby arrives and you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy your Babymoon? This is exactly how we felt a few weeks ago before booking a trip to the Balearic Island of Mallorca to enjoy a last holiday of being just the two of us.

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When is the right time to shop baby clothes?


// When is the right time to shop baby clothes? //

When is the right time to shop baby clothes? I have been asking myself that questions for months now. Let’s just say that right from the start I wanted to head into a gazillion stores to shop cute little baby outfits for the little one – I blame that on the fashion editor in me.

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Choosing a baby name


// Choosing a baby name //

Choosing a baby name is probably one of the most difficult decisions you will make during pregnancy. First of all, there may be names or just a name, that you have been wanting to give your child years before you knew you were pregnant or even had a boyfriend or husband in the picture.

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How to travel during pregnancy



Looking to travel during pregnancy? With a big change of your life ahead, there may be a few vacations or weekend trips you would like to plan before the baby’s arrival. I have put together a few tried and tested tips on how to travel during pregnancy and am sure they will be of good use to you too.

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My Pregnancy: The start of the Third Trimester


// My Pregnancy: The start of the Third Trimester //

While everyone else is floating around on blow up flamingos, orca whales and doughnuts on the islands from Mykonos to the Baleares, I am researching pregnancy stuff. Because a) I now have to sit down in a chair to tie up my shoe laces and b) turning around in bed and getting up in the morning require brand new techniques of going about it.

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