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The secret of superfoods


// The secret of superfoods //

Celebrities eat them non-stop, magazines are full of them and now your friends start talking superfoods wherever you go? Don’t worry, once you have gotten into the mode, you will be talking about them non-stop as well!

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Fernanda Brandao’s workout tips


Fernanda Brandao’s workout tipps

Meet the Brazilian singer and actress who has turned fitness celebrity thanks to her athletic figure and strong workout methods. Fernanda Brandao was born in Brazil, before emigrating to Hamburg where she was trained in dancing and singing.

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Life without sugar // Quitting can be sweet


Life without sugar // Quitting can be sweet

Ever since I can remember, I have been eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, salad, meat, fish and bread. Growing up in Germany, my diet was, what I would consider, extremely healthy and balanced (it’s not all sausages and beer you know!).

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