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#ootd // blouse DOT com



Excuse the creases! As I was overenthusiastically (gosh that’s a long weird word) putting on my latest craze – a dotted blouse. I forgot to iron it in order to make it look exceptionally fashionable! Über whoops! Did I mention that ironing isn’t exactly my favourite past-time?

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#ootd // Getting my sport on

stylethemonkey.comstylethemonkey.comHey monkeys, it’s finally spring and I am getting out some funky frocks! Being a big fan of graphic prints, it’s only a matter of time til I’ve stacked up new items in my wardrobe. Print isn’t always an easy thing to wear and plenty of girls don’t like graphic items at all.

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#ootd // my favourite mix and match bouclé jacket

bouclé jacket outfitpost ootdbouclé jacket outfitpost ootd

Bouclé jackets have been around ever since Coco Chanel made them fashionable in the middle of the 20th century. Unfortunately – even today, they tend to look ancient! I am in love with my black/leather variation that I got for Christmas though and this is how I wear it: The only way to wear a bouclé jacket right (that is, if you don’t want to look like a First Lady), is to style it down!

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#ootd // living in my bomber jacket

how-to-wear-bomber-jacket-IMG_5551_150222_0004_150222_0003-lowEver since I bought myself this dark blue silk bomber from Scandinavian designer Carin Wester, I kind of have been living in this super cosy fashion piece, generally pairing the oversize jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans. Why skinnies?

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Shopping gym clothes is my cardio // How to turn eyes in every fitness class


New year, new challenge: Ok, I have to admit that getting fit is always on my list, and although I have a gym membership, I haven’t made it to a class this year – yet. Is that really bad, I mean, it’s nearly February and instead of doing cardio, I manage to bend my body at Yoga once a week (something we do at work) and run through the shops like crazy (it’s SALE after all).

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