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// Choosing a baby name //

Choosing a baby name is probably one of the most difficult decisions you will make during pregnancy. First of all, there may be names or just a name, that you have been wanting to give your child years before you knew you were pregnant or even had a boyfriend or husband in the picture. Now, that he is there, he too wants to join in on the decision – obviously…and then all of a sudden it all gets all the more difficult.

As most of you may have figured, her current name is Grapey. And yes, we know it’s a name that we will not be able to give her after birth. It is more of a name in progress or much rather a nick name while she is still growing inside my belly. Though if I could, I would love to call her Grapey, as Grapey’s daddy and I have grown quite fond of the cute little grape who is bringing us joy every day though we haven’t yet met her properly. 

But let’s get back to picking names that are more adequate for a life in our world: Bar from each writing down our absolute favourites, we wanted to give those old family names a chance as well and asked parents and grandparents to list some names they knew had existed within the family. Not only did this make for an interesting outcome and sometimes even same names on both sides, but it sure was fun too. A positive side effect: Even though its solely the decision of yourself and your partner, your family feels involved – and they love that! Numerous talks and thousands of thoughts later, we may now be set on two names.

We had a third but figured out that friends had babies with similar names. Now, many people say that this shouldn’t change your opinion but if you really think of it, you don’t want all kids to have the same name, right!?

What I found most important in making sure to find the right name for your child were the following guidelines:

  • ensure to choose a name that you like 100%, don’t go 70% or 80% or you won’t be happy with it ever
  • don’t follow trends: try to opt for a name that isn’t just in fashion now but is a steady one to keep forever
  • check if the name is compatible with its nicknames etc. so that your child won’t be mobbed in school
  • see if the name is easily adjustable to the country you live in. Names are tricky and even though you may love a name that originates from a different country, people in your surroundings and even your child’s friends may have trouble getting the hang of it
  • with your partner write down a list of your favourites until you are down to 2-3 names that you are both happy with. Wait for the baby to arrive and see which name you see fit
  • listen to your heart: if you have found the right baby name, be happy. Remember: There will ALWAYS be people that won’t like the name, no matter the reason. But who cares, it is your child, you choose the name and you have got to be happy with it. After all, tastes are different and if we all were the same it would be a boring, boring world!

xx Conny.


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