Cityguide Rio de Janeiro: My personal tips


// Cityguide Rio de Janeiro: My personal tips//

Ready for the one of a kind Cityguide Rio de Janeiro? For the past few years, Rio de Janeiro has been a current on my travel list. Reason being that part of my husband’s family derives from that beautiful sunshine country so we don’t just know where to go and stay but what to do and how to spend the perfect holiday in beautiful Rio de Janeiro! 

Though we generally travel down the Costa Verde towards Angra dos Reis, Paraty and the Ilha Grande, a stop off in Rio is always a good idea! 




Along the Copa, Coapacabaaanaaa: If in Rio, visit the Copa, or better: Get a hotel right along the beach front. It definitely is the best way to fully engage in the city’s vibe. You will be amazed by what this beach has to offer. Volleyball players, surfers, swimmers and plenty of skaters work out, enjoying the amazing view, along this wonderful strip of Rio de Janeiro. Fresh coconuts, juices and beer are just some of the things vendors sell along the beachfront and there is nothing better than sitting down in those plastic chairs enjoying a cool drink and watching time and people go by in the evening before heading back to the hotel. Preferrably the…

Copacabana Palace

…it counts as Rio’s number one luxury hotel and boasts with luxurious interior and a one of a kind pool are (mind you, I met Kate Moss and talked to her here) the reason, you will never ever want to leave this place! It sure comes with a prize tag but even if you don’t want to stay the night, do head here for lunch and enjoy the views across the pool and its stylish crowd.




You will probably have heard of Ipanema thanks to one of the most famous Brazilian boss nova tunes of all time “The Girl from Ipanema”. Next to the Copacabana, Ipanema counts as the most important beach in Rio de Janeiro. The backstreets offer good shopping and a variety of bars and restaurants.

Marius Degustare

Here is what happens when a surfer dude starts collection maritime plates, lamps, antique interior pieces and opens up a restaurant between Copacabana and Leme. The waiters, all dressed as pirates, serve the best meat Brazil has to offer and while you feel like sitting in a restaurant that is something out of this world, this place is one of my all time favourite restaurants! Marius, the owner himself works with the team and is quite the character himself. Feeling like it – he will throw plates back into the front-of-kitchen area, ring the massive antique bells or come up to your table for a chat or two (believe me, been there plenty of times).

Bar from the great food menu, I suggest you go for the all inclusive meat menu, this place is simply extraordinary.




This area counts as one of the hottest night spots in town. With plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs, this vibrant, artistic and young area is without a doubt one to visit. Tip: Head to the famous Escadaria Selarón, which is a set of stairs covered in the works of an artist called Jorge Selarón. Selarón himself used to live in a house along the stairs and you could frequently spot him looking out the window talking to people out on the street. Overall there are over 200 steps covered in more than 2000 tiles from all over the world. This work was Selarón’s biggest work of art and always evolving – until his mysterious passing in 2013.


The Corcovado counts as one of Rio de Janeiro’s xx and is located in the city’s Tijuca Forest. The mountain has a height of 710m and is known for its Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) statue situated atop its peak. Getting atop the hill generally is easiest done by electric powered train. From there elevators, escalators and/or just over 200 steps will lead you to the bottom of the statue. You won’t be disappointed by the panoramic views across the city – that’s for sure!



Sugarloaf Mountain

Just as the Corcovado, the Sugarloaf Mountain (or Pão de Açúcar as the Brazilians call it) has got to be visited. Especially if its your first trip to Rio. Going up by cableway is an adventure itself. Not only will you enjoy the stunning views but if you want, you can take a 20 minute helicopter ride directly from the Sugarloaf across the beas and beaches of Rio – a real adventure and so very recommendable!

Santa Teresa

One of my absolute favourite places in the whole city has got to be Santa Teresa! This area up on the hills overlooking the city has its very own vibe. Run down, but hugely charming villas, plenty of green and the connection of downtown with this area – thanks to the furnicular – have helped in making this area a real secret hotspot. A young and artistic crowd hangs out in the vibrant cafés and arty boutiques that slowly turn this still pretty little area into a very stylish gem!

I hope this Cityguide Rio de Janeiro has helped you in figuring out what there is to see and do – once you get to Rio. I myself am not much of a traveller who enjoys doing touristy things but the Corcovado and Sugarloaf simply have to be done. 

Enjoy your travels, xx Conny.


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