Dirthy Thirty: The real secret behind turning 30


Dirthy Thirty: The real secret behind turning 30

The big Three-O: Honestly, I didn’t really know what to think of it. I mean, I am generally not one for saying „f****, another year older“ but instead embracing age as it comes (sounds cheesy, I know) . When it came to turning 30 though, everyone (including myself) was making a huge fuzz about it. But what is the difference? 29, 30, 31….no big deal, right? It’s not like you suddenly get all wise or wrinkly from one day to the next. Though probably that is what Club 30 may be all about. At least most of my friends seem to think that you suddenly get way cooler and fun (was I no fun in my 20ies? Like to doubt that!). The messages on Facebook and WhatsApp were coming in and a whole lot of people – especially those above 30 – happily welcomed me to Club 30.


There was me thinking: Ohhh, Club 30? I am all up for the secret behind turning 30, special invite clubs that offer free champagne, cool lounges and macarons. So I needed to figure out all about the real secret behind turning 30 and this undercover club that I had never heard of before! Great, totally joining in (not that I had a choice, given I had just turned 30). Well apparently this club involves boogie nights and wayyy more fun than any 20-year-old could ever have. Kind of true as throwing a big Studio 54 themed bash involved amazing food and the best of drinks while we all danced the night away. Mind you, until 3.30am, I used to go out til 6am in my twenties…As I am still waiting for that mooore fun to kick in – really, it’s still the same, guys, no secrets (sorry for the headline, haha!) – I am pretty sure that turning 30 is less of a deal than it’s being made of. Though studies have shown that people do take you more serious from this age up. But do I really want that? Not a choice I guess…and from now on, I will generously invite and congratulate every single person turning 30 to this mysterious club (if anyone knows where the club house is situated, do holla please!) that I am yet to find out about. One thing is for sure – the party never stops! Here is to the 30ies! xx Conny

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