Esprit // From Dust till Dawn




Esprit // From Dust till Dawn

Let’s travel back in time to when Quentin Tarantino’s movie From Dusk till Dawn was THE action movie everyone was talking about – 1996 to be exact! Now, this piece of writing is not supposed to be around the history of film rather a small recap on my thoughts of fashion throughout the years. I was around ten years old and my friends and I were wearing clothes by Benetton, Esprit and the likes. I reckon Eastpak was another highly garded brand (well, at least in Germany) and though as kids we loved our clothes, it couldn’t be compared to the stylishness of kids these days!

Well turns out that during my teenage years, Esprit somewhat moved off my radar. With the likes of H&M, Zara & Co. taking place front row. But the dusty brand has slowly been creeping back at us. More stylish than ever, it’s currently working with fashion influencers from all over the world such as Blogger Candela Novembre and model Alba Galocha. Only a few years ago, I set out for Rome as model and granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway had become the latest face for the Esprit campaign, which was then shot by Terry Richardson – lucky enough, I was there to interview her. Not only was the campaign a total success but it marked the time of Drees breakthrough in the fashion industry as well as my newfound interest in the brand Esprit. Ever since that turning point I have looked back on brands that have gotten a little dusty over time and it seems like now marks the return of not just one but many.

Regarding Esprit, I am immersed in their latest boho vibe and can not wait to see what else they have in store for us. I guess it’s time for a great revival. Don’t you think? 





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