Fernanda Brandao’s workout tips


Fernanda Brandao’s workout tipps

Meet the Brazilian singer and actress who has turned fitness celebrity thanks to her athletic figure and strong workout methods. Fernanda Brandao was born in Brazil, before emigrating to Hamburg where she was trained in dancing and singing. Brandao’s talent led her to star in music videos of Shaggy, Coolio and Sarah Connor. Soon after her career kicked off, Brandao decided to start her very own workout called GINGA. Want to know what GINGA is all about and check out Fernanda’s workout tipps? STYLETHEMONKEY had a chat with the 32-year old Brazilian:

Ginga by Fernanda Brandao is a brand new kind of sport. Tell me a little bit about it?

GINGA combines traditional Capoeira elements, dance and fitness. Especially strength endurance of single muscle groups are getting trained with GINGA, besides the intense Brazil-cardio and dance parts. Because of the high number of reps, it strengthens the body and nicely defines the muscles. With GINGA, you’ll improve your stamina, coordination, agility and flexibility.

How did you come about doing this kind of workout?

People always asked me about my workout secret. My workout has to be fun, there has to be a certain variety of exercises. GINGA combines Capoeira elements, dance and fitness. So it never gets boring!

You grew up in Brazil – what is the lifestyle difference and what would you like us to take on from the Brazilian way of life?

The Brazilian Lifestyle is very joyful, fun and easy going. Brazilian women are very confident about their bodies and they feel sexy at any age and any weight. This is something I would like women from all over the world to take from our culture. Love yourself! Don’t take things so serious all the time. Don’t think – feel!

What is the first thing you do when you arrive in Brazil?

Going to the beach! I like to dive into the water at the Copacabana and drink cocunut water, which, by the way, is the best recipe for a hangover.

Were you always into sports?

Yes! Dancing is my number one passion, it’s where it all started: Jazz, Ballett, Hip Hop and Latin are only a selection of styles I love. At the age of 15 I started to work out at the gym and at the age of 16 became a licensed instructor.

How often do you work out and what does your general workout look like?

3 to 4 times a week when I have the time. Sometimes, especially when I travel, it’s difficult to get those hours in. But whenever I don’t exercise, I feel unbalanced. A good workout is like a trigger for inner power and strength.

Regarding workout fashion, what are your go-to pieces?

My PUMA Key Styles! The top and the pants are very comfortable, which is very important during all the different moves and steps I have to do during a GINGA workout. The shoes are very light and have a great grip.

05_PUMA_AW14_Fernanda Key Outfit 1_4

What music currently plays on your iPhone while doing sports?

The GINGA soundtrack, which is also featured on the DVD. The Brazilian sounds get you going and motivate you to push yourself a little further every time.

What would you be if you hadn’t become a sports and tv-personality?

I guess I would have to live my life once more to answer that. But the better question is: What will I still become? I love changes and progress.

What was the best advice your mum ever gave you?

Follow your heart, do the things that make you happy, make other people happy and be good to mother nature.

What is your number one advice regarding health that you would like to give the readers?

Your soul should have a nice house to live in. That house is your body. Exercise, no matter what kind, is good for your body. There is the right kind of exercise for everyone out there, whether it may be a certain training lesson, a workout including weights at the gym or GINGA. Exercise is good for your health, a great body is just a nice side effect.

Are you a social media kind of person?

Yes, but it’s not easy for me to find the right ballance on social media platforms. For someone who is on the road a lot, social media is great for keeping up with friends. I don’t get to see them a lot, it’s nice to be able to see what they’re up to.

What are your top 3 favourite Instagram accounts – and why?

I’m still becoming friends with Instagram….



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