Getting sleep during pregnancy


// Getting sleep during pregnancy //

If you are or have been pregnant, you may notice that your sleeping pattern changes. Not only do you wake up more often at night because baby is saying hello again, you also need to make a run for the bathroom or the position you have been sleeping in has somewhat become a little uncomfortable. Short: Sleeping changes.

With myself being an avid sleeper (put me anywhere and I can snooze if needs be), needing at least 8 hours of sleep a night, I am now getting used to being up more often still making it through work the next day. I kind of see it as a training. Surely nature is in play here and wants us women to start getting used to being up more and sleeping less so we are kind of prepared for when the little one arrives. Kind of that is, because if I am being honest, it’s not the screaming or the business I am most worried about for when Grapey says “hello” to the world but the fact that I will probably have to get through the day with very, very, very little sleep. It scares me – already. BUT: I am trying to stay as positive as possible and getting in as much sleep as I can for now. And this is how I do it…

Stay active

Whether that may be getting your cup of coffee (yes, a little caffeine is allowed – even during pregnancy) from the cafe down the road, going food shopping, going for a walk or cycling to and from work: Staying active and outdoors as much as possible is the best way for you to get fresh air and a little daily workout. And believe it or not, this is really helping in what it takes to get a better sleep at night. Make sure you spend up to 30minutes a day outside the house or office. You will see how good that feels and if mummy feels great, the little one will benefit too.

Work out

You may have read my article on sport exercises during pregnancy. I do a quick and easy workout every morning, followed by swimming, yoga or cycling during the day or after work if I don’t find time beforehand (cause I do work as an editor on a daily basis). This ensures a routine to keep the body fit in the long run and still not overdo it! But: There is no better feeling then coming home in the evening, all worked out and freshly showered from the gym. All you have to do is slip into your jammies and – night night!

Avoid sugar

Yeah, we all know that sugar is bad for you, still, most of us still can’t resist a sneaky chocolate bar, ice cream or even chips (yes they contain plenty of sugar too) – especially on a nice, relaxing evening, sitting at home watching Netfllix, right? Well, it could be those sugars that keep you up for longer and let you have an agitated sleep. Refined sugars Or simply have a nice hot cup of tea (see below). If you want to quit sugar altogether, THIS will help you along the way.

Drink a hot cup of tea

That relaxing time of the day, when you have a few minutes to yourself: I enjoy making a hot cup or sometimes even pot of tea. Current favourites are rooibos and peppermint tea. Sitting down in the kitchen or couch with a magazine is pure bliss add to that the hot drink and you will relax to the fullest. It’s a good ritual to have before going to bed as it ensures you will properly calm down before laying yourself to rest and even the baby will know it’s bedtime soon, kicking it up then – instead of later once you lie in bed and really want to sleep. 


I hope these tips on getting sleep during pregnancy will assist you in shaking off those sleepless nights. They have definitely helped me and I am now 25 week gone. So far so good…xx Conny.

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