How H&M is changing the world of fashion


//How H&M is changing the world of fashion//


Ever heard of the World Recycle Week? Neither had I until an e-mail from H&M was sent to my stylethemonkey inbox. It said, that from the 18th until the 24th of April 2016 you can drop all your old and unwanted clothes to one of over 3.600 H&M stores near you! The idea: to collect more than 1.000 tons of old clothes and create new fashion pieces aka recycle!

H&M tackles an important topic. It’s time for a change that you need to be part of! (M.I.A.)

Creating new items from old fabric? H&M being one of the biggest fashion retailers in the world is trying to be the one making a change. Cooperating with pop singer M.I.A, the Swedish trend shop created a music video that will be shown on H&M websites from April 11. Drop (your clothes) by and tune in. Time to take part in something good for a change! Or as M.I.A. puts it: „Fashion has got to be sustainable. Either you wear it, or you got to recycle!“. 

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