How to avoid Maternity Clothes – My top 10 tips

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// How to avoid Maternity Clothes – My top 10 tips // 

Suddenly pregnant and your clothes still fit? Perfect. But there comes a time, generally around the end of your first trimester, when your whole wardrobe doesn’t seem to function any longer. Dresses you thought were ok for weeks to come suddenly become very short, jumpers and knits get tight and you can forget about all the t-shirts in your wardrobe – bar from those super oversize versions you generally sleep in. But don’t worry, you don’t need to walk around like the biggest loser: I have figured out a way to dress stylish without having to dig into all the maternity clothes on offer out there. Not only are most maternity styles non fashionable but they leave you look. If you want to avoid maternity clothes, time has come to get creative and this is how you do it:

1.) Buy Oversize Dresses: Sounds like the easiest trick in history? Well, it is! Oversize dresses, no matter if long or short are the perfect way to avoid buying maternity clothes. I myself count this item as the number one piece, I have bought most of since my belly decided to go balloon shape with Grapey needing more space. The good thing is, you will still be wearing those dresses after pregnancy so why not own a couple right now? Styling trick: Accessorize your look with a belt singed above your baby bump which makes for a super cute look – trust me!

2.) Invest in Blazers: Blazers count as chic jackets and that’s what we want – staying chic throughout the pregnancy. Combined to dresses, pants or skirts: Blazers are a great way to add a sporty yet elegant touch to your look, keep you warm and can be worn unbuttoned – any questions?

3.) Go for the pencil: Yep, pregnancy is the time where a pencil skirt, the stretchy type, will become your best friend. Try to opt for longer styles so you can pull them up as high as covering your fully belly. This way, your kidneys will stay nice and warm, your belly will be covered and you can add tops, knits or jumpers to your liking and still look hot.

stylethemonkey-blog-How to avoid Maternity Clothes – My top 10 personal tips and tricks

4.) Go for stretchy knit dresses: When pregnant during autumn and winter, stretchy knit fabrics are your go to items. These dresses and pencil skirts not only have a great and figure hugging shape, but they are easy and comfortable to wear – thanks to their elastic material. No one will figure you opted for a “non maternity” dress while this item will (fo’ sure!) make a constant staple in your maternity clothes wardrobe.

5.) Egg-shape coats now come in handy: Your pregnancy falls into winter? Then forget all about uncomfortable coats and jackets and invest in an egg-shape coat. It will come in handy as the shape is in fashion and luckily cut oversize, meaning there is enough space to hide that bump from the cold. 

6.) Get a hang on comfy knits: Knits generally are pretty elastic. You can buy simple V- or round-neck versions anywhere from H&M, over Topshop to Net-a-Porter. I suggest you opt for at least one or even two sizes bigger than your general fit. This way you will be one hundred percent comfortable. If you are more of a cardigan girl – even better, simply invest in a cardigan, or two, or three to keep you warm during pregnancy. Once your belly gets too big, it’s easiest to leave it unbottoned – simple!

7.) Shop super long tees: One of the first things I noticed when putting on my favourite t-shirts was that none of them fit any longer. I mean, everything up top was perfect but none of my shirts were long enough! Tees need to do two things exactly: 1.) cover your full belly and 2.) not show any maternity bands or pants. That is extremely difficult as maternity pants are generally cut super low or sport an elastic waistband. Now all you really need to do is cover up and for that invest in a few super long tees.

8.) Get it on with leggings and long blouses: Just as I thought leggings were finally out of the game, they are back full throttle! Because for one, these sort of wannabe-pants are so flexible, even your baby bump will have no problem fitting in and secondly they are sooooo comfy! And though it generally raises hackles when I hear the saying “It’s sooooo comfy”, this is all that counts during pregnancy. AND STYLE, never forget your style!!! Paired with the perfect long blouse, leggings are another go-to piece regarding maternity clothes for a perfect prego style.

9.) Now is the time for sexy underwear: Yes, you heard right! G-strings and low cut panties – now is your time. It may not be the most obvious to wear sexy undergarments throughout your pregnancy but if you don’t want to feel like your pants are getting tighter by the minute, they are the most comfy and hot underwear around. So head down to the shop or buy a whole bunch of them online.

stylethemonkey-blog-How to avoid Maternity Clothes – My top 10 personal tips and tricks3

10.) The only maternity clothes you really should buy are: Maternity denims and some maternity tops – and here is why: Sooner or later you won’t fit into those skinny pants you bought only months ago. It’s time to get on with it and put them aside for later usage or sell them right away (you won’t miss them at a later stage, I promise). After pregnancy your style may change a little and your body will need some time to get back into is former shape, so why hoard all fashionable items that are out of season next year if you can then invest in new stuff?! When it comes to tops, especially those tight ones with little straps, it’s important that they are stretchy and cover your baby bump. These are the kind of maternity clothes you will only get in the maternity section and it’s ok. After all you now know which items you really need to avoid all other maternity wear.

xx Conny.



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