How to travel during pregnancy



Looking to travel during pregnancy? With a big change of your life ahead, there may be a few vacations or weekend trips you would like to plan before the baby’s arrival. I have put together a few tried and tested tips on how to travel during pregnancy and am sure they will be of good use to you too.

Having been an avid traveller throughout my whole life, there hasn’t been a year or even a few months in which I didn’t see friends or family around Europe or even around the globe. Planning a trip to London or Dublin to catch up with old friends is something easily done and while I didn’t think twice about flying to a destination outside of Germany, I now think twice about my vacations and this is why:

  • airlines sometimes require paper work from your doctor regarding how far into the pregnancy you are
  • booking flights to destinations far away may not be the best idea after week 25
  • healthcare in various countries can undoubtedly be worse than what you are used to at home
  • if you don’t speak the language, think twice about traveling there in your third trimester


So far, I have made a trip to London which a) is only a short flight away from home and b) is a city I know well from previous travels. Both ensuring me that I knew what I was getting myself into and not stressing me out as I could do simply as I pleased. If wanting to walk around the city for a whole day I could but if I needed some time to relax, I didn’t feel bad starting the day a little later or being home before midnight to ensure I would get enough rest.

If you are unsure as to what to bring on your short trip, these following tips are of help if you want to know how to travel during pregnancy:

  • bring a hand luggage wheelie only (unless your partner is with you, who can help with the baggage). You are not supposed to carry more than 5kg so stick to it.
  • bring some snacks from home such as nuts or healthy muesli bars to get up those energy levels during long walks
  • always have a bottle of water at hand
  • book a seat along the aisle. You will probably have to get up at least once to use the lavatories during the flight. Choosing an aisle seat will not only make things easier for the people next to you but it will de-stress your own mind
  • bring comfy but stylish clothes HERE ARE A FEW IDEAS (and leave those heels at home, do you really need them on your short vacay?)

I have a few more trips ahead of me, before Grapeys arrival and am sure set to be worry free and comfortable during flight and city break! Hope this blog post on how to travel during pregnancy was useful for you too. Looking forward to hear your thoughts. xx Conny.


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