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You have possibly already heard of La Bruket. The stylish tubes and bottles from Sweden are the it-pieces in most concept stores. Not only do the products look nice, they smell fabulous and are all organic! No surprise, the creators of the brand, Mats and Monica, have a busy schedule. I caught up with the two and found out what’s behind La Bruket…

The brand was established in 2008 – what has happened since?

Whoa, what didn’t happen?
2008-09 was filled with excitement, experiments, inspiration, doubts, laughter and tears. Building up the range, struggling with formulas, ingredients and then the concept of course. We presented the brand at the design fair in Stockholm 2009 together with Monicas ceramics collection. The soap bars had an impact on the buyers and slowly sales started to pick up. Now in 2015 we find ourselves being very well accepted by the very selective stores within skin care, fashion and concept stores through out the urban hubs of the world. It is great to see that really high quality natural and organic origin skin care gets appreciated alongside the high performance but synthetic world known brands.

Your items seem to be up there with the likes of Aesop & Co.- what is it about organic cosmetic that makes it so desirable?

The awareness of how we treat our planet is growing and we all feel better, knowing that we are a part of the movement towards a sustainable life style. The consciousness regarding the fact that what you put on your skin will go into your body has increased rapidly and this can of course give you second thoughts about the skin care products you choose to use.

What is your top seller?

One of them would be our hand cream. They are really great and come in several scents with nice packaging – either a metal tube suitable for any hand bag or a bottle for the bathroom. It is probably one of our most addictive products. It will treat your hands long after application without being messy.

Any beauty advice you can pass on to our readers?

Spend time in nature, sleep enough, eat well, drink water, make great friends and top that with a good quality face oil and a body scrub.

What item do you use the most yourself and why?

I am really proud of our new updated salt scrubs which I use all the time. They give me instant pleasure when I almost have no time to treat myself and since they are based on high penetration oils I can get dressed immediately after using them.

Who came up with the clean yet stylish packaging?

It is a co-lab with a friend of ours, Patrik Stenefjäll who is a graphic designer and a co-owner, but its actually based on important function rather than a visual effect. The brown bottles help to preserve the natural ingredients and prolong their lifetime.


Instead of the busy city lifestyle, you chose to live by the coast. Tell me your Varberg hot spots…

Us living in Varberg is a result of work opportunities and spending tons of hours in our surf bus on the shores of the west coast in this area in early years.
When you visit Varberg you should call us for updated tips but on a good day make sure to have a morning coffee at Kustbageriet, where Niclas, Jennie and their staff serve great coffee and bread. Get down to the beach of Apelviken and chat with the super friendly surfer guys/girls at The Surfers Center. They will get you into the waves. Have lunch and hang out at Surf Saloon. If you are lucky, there might be a concert at Maja’s restaurant. Even better: On Thursday they have the ”rundpingisklubben” something along the lines of ping-pong, beer and good music.
For a weekend that will be worth remembering, stay at the Varbergs Stadshotel. Treat yourself at their Asia-SPA and enjoy a traditional Japanese dinner at Nami. Less pricey but very nice: check in at Okén’s upgraded Bed & Breakfast.
If it rains, borrow a rain coat and take the beach promenade walk around the castle. If it is sunny out, do the same but drop the rain coat. Go to the Kallbadhuset and take an freezing cold dip in the ocean. Warm up with hot coffee and a waffle sitting in the sunshine in your private booth. I could go on much longer with small and bigger project to fill a day visiting Varberg.

So you two surf?

Oh yes we do. Mats a little bit more than me but it is difficult to avoid the culture and it is surrounding us all year around. But there is a reason for the Surf scrub we have in the soap bar range and we have been known to make surf wax as well. Maybe we will pick that up again on request…

Which three countries sell La Bruket the most?

Right now it is Sweden, Norway and Germany but others are picking up fast.

Have you got anything planned to expand the brand even further?

Absolutely, we have several ideas that we would like to explore but the near future is to open our first brand store and understand how that works.

What are you doing right after this interview?

Actually we are getting quite busy starting up a product concept that we have been dreaming of for a long time so today will be a very exciting day. Hopefully you will be able to see the result later this coming winter.


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