Life without sugar // Quitting can be sweet


Life without sugar // Quitting can be sweet

Ever since I can remember, I have been eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, salad, meat, fish and bread. Growing up in Germany, my diet was, what I would consider, extremely healthy and balanced (it’s not all sausages and beer you know!). Though I loved indulging in sweet little treats, in Germany there always is a packet of Haribo or Ritter Sport chocolate somewhere in the house, I was brought up taking care of what was good for me and never overdid it.

For the past years though I had become extremely fatigued and tired, actually getting to a point when waking up in the morning felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I felt a constant exhaustion and had no clue where that was coming from. It came to a point in which I actually couldn’t remember what it was like waking up refreshed and feeling energetic. Working a full-time job in the creative fashion industry, blogging on the side and managing to go to the gym for that bit of balance, I decided to go and see a doctor.

Various tests and many more consultations later, no one could tell me anything! That was my turning point: A week later I found myself at a holistic therapist who managed to find out what foods had been causing me trouble. Foods, really? I could barely believe what the therapist told me! Ensuring that in a couple of month life would be brighter, I was put on a strict diet with NO sugar!

The first week was the worst. On day one I went to the heath food store to stock up on some goods. Sadly enough there was not a single treat for me in store that I could have eaten, so I walked home thinking that I it surely couldn’t be that bad to stick to this plan! Well, the next day went fine but the day after was a complete different story…keeping away from all things sugar (even fruit) is pretty tough. Did you know that sugar works like a drug in your brain, triggering the same emotions as the likes of cocaine and even heroin? I was shocked to see myself in work at 5pm longing for sugar so badly!

End of story: I made it! Day three and four were extremely awful but after having overcome the first week, I felt no need for sugar at all! I figured out ways around it. There are two options that have been working great: Xylitol and erythritol both taste like sugar but are neither bad for your health nor your teeth! Both are sugar-like (you best buy them online!) and can be used in your drinks, baking etc. I highly recommend you switch to those options as you will not just live a cleaner life but say good bye to the dentist as well! 

Now I wonder why I never heard of these options ever before. It goes to show you how we are being sold bad foods almost everywhere we go. Our taste buds have accustomed to everything but pure taste and the main part of our daily intake has been adulterated. Checking the labels of all kinds of food at the supermarket nowadays, it’s pretty awful how much sugar there is in everything. Literally: sausage, balsamico, chips and juices barely work without it…and the list goes on!

The most impressive experience for me has been that, since cutting out sugar, my life without sugar has been turned upside down. It’s late in the evening now and I am still going – not even tired. Something almost unthinkable to me only 8 weeks ago! I am back on fruit again, tend to try small amounts of dark chocolate (65% und upwards) every now and then and drink the odd glass of wine. This is just the start of my life without sugar and all I can say is that quitting is SWEET!

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