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Whenever Christian Bendek doesn’t hang out with flamingos, sipping cocktails by the beach, the media sensation gets actove on INstagram, Faceboor or Twitter. Did you know that his favourite colour is yellow and that he likes to spend Sundays in bed, browsing Instagram accounts of @graymalin and @samhunterokeefe while listening to Gallant and Roosevelt? Find out all about the guy that lives in endless paradise here…

The Caribbean king – where did that name come from?
You know, I was born on a small island in the caribbean… then with all this social media happening, usernames, internet personas one day it came to me and it was fitting so i kept it, now people call me king or caribbean. It’s pretty funny.

In what year did you start with social media?
I’ve always been around, i love the internet, i was addicted to check my mail in the 90s, then it was the messenger and chat rooms, hi5, facebook… twitter, but let’s say that the king was born in 2007.

What images work best on Instagram?
Feel good images for sure, in my case: selfies, pics in speedos and flamingos.

What were you doing before you became this tropical media sensation?
Ehem…I was eating coconuts under a palm tree before I got my first iphone.

How do you handle the fame:)?
It is impossible to handle it, I just HOPE I don’t get eaten by the fame monster like Lady Gaga.

What does a day in your life look like?
Early morning gym for sure, then I check my social media. Afterwards I take a look at whats new out there, what i want to wear, what beach i will be visiting… then pics and fun, cocktails, flamingos, pools… drinks at Gusto and then home to my dear Netflix and watch my favorite shows or movies. I like to sleep a lot.

Did you ever live in a big city?
I did, for studies… it was great, but once i finished college i went back to the sea, where i belong.

Name three words that describe yourself?
That’s hard, you know? I like to think I’m funny and easy going and I smell like coconuts.

What kind of job are you working in?
There’s some advertising and PR here and there, I like design also. All things social media.

Do you ever go on holidays? I mean, you live in paradise…
I do and I love Europe and Mexico… I think my favorite city in the world is London, i don’t think i can live there but I will visit it again, for sure.

What are your top five hangouts in Aruba?
Gusto is my favorite spot, everybody knows that, then there’s Papiamento Restaurant, Marina Pirata which is another restaurant, I like blue at the Renaissance Marina and my bed!

What music currently plays on your iPhone?
Uh… That’s hard, I think the soundtrack from begin Again, Lots and lots of remixes from Gryffin, remixes from Autograph, there is this compilation, remixes of Sade named “Love is King”. AMAZING!…some Taylor swift – my friend Gray Malin is to blame for that.

What makes your perfect day?
A lazy morning in bed with my bou, beach, feeding the flamingos, drinking sweet cocktails, eating out and back to bed to end the day with pizza and soemthing funny to watch on netflix.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Ehem… the second thing I do is check my phone!

I get jealous looking at these island pics. Do they adopt monkeys over there?
We don’t have monkeys here, there’s no banana trees, monkeys eat coconuts? I’ll send the papers to adopt you, you know how to use a camera?

What do you think of monkeys anyways?
They’re so human like they kinda freak me out.

What are your plans for 2015?
Conquer the World.

What are the top three fashion items you can not live without?
Swimwear, sunglasses and hair products.

How do you keep fit?
Gym, gym and diet… there’s no mystery here.

Tell us something we don’t know about you…?
I get seasick if i dont take dramamine.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Watch the same movie over and over for months every night until i know all the lines. Then i move to the next one.

In ten years time you are….?

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