Meet monkeybeau // Gabriele Salini


Meet monkeybeau // Gabriele Salini

This time, coming from ancient Rome is monkeybeau Gabriele Salini. The co-founder of the most talked about and brand new design hotel in Rome – the G-Rough. Gabriele knows what it means to create stylish abodes for travelers abroad. Just like a true Italian, he holds a special place in his heart for a good penne amatriciana and a glass of wine!

What time did you get up at this morning?

The alarm was at 8/8.30 but I am recently very in love with my Tatami bed..

What was the first thing you did right after you waking up?

Shower. Orange juice, tea with no sugar, home made marmalade on a „fetta biscottata“ and a fig.

Wow, that sounds very stylish, what does a day in your life generally look like and how do you like to start off your day?

With a beautiful naked woman on my Tatami who asks me if I want more…figs.
Then I ride my Vespa to the G-Rough to check if my guests are as happy as I am!

You opened the G-Rough Hotel in Rome this year. What an adventure it must have been.

The idea came to me when I met Emanuele who revolutionized the hotellerie concept in Italy, first with Nhow in Milano, followed by PalazzinaG in Venice. He was creative and particularly talented on developing new ideas of hospitality. On my side I was keen on giving the space some form as a result of my passion for contemporary art and vintage design: That’s what makes G-Rough what it is today.

What is the idea behind this luxury location in the heart of Rome?

With G-Rough, we realized all our plans of the one place that we always wished to find. We have put together all those things we love in an attempt to create an alchemy offering our guests to get a feel for forms and atmospheres, while at the same time being surprised by small details, artworks disseminated throughout the space and traces from the past. Our opinion and the one of many guests is that the G-Rough is a joyful wonder set in a comfortable and serene atmosphere

Why is it called G-Rough?

G comes from the G of our sister hotel, Palazzina G…while Rough comes from rough luxury – the philosophy behind the creative concept.

What design element is your favourite?

The lighting.

What design/fashion/beauty item is your absolute must-have for 2015?

2015 is just a state of mind. I am a contemporary nostalgic, so I would go for a Boetti Map.

Are you a true Roman?

Yes, I am the 7th generation. Though I hope not to tread the prisons stairs – they say you have to spend at least one night in jail to be a true roman…

What did you do before you started the G-Rough?

The classical cursus honorum: a degree in business and consulting firms before getting involved in the family’s construction companies and businesses. I have always had a strong affetion to art, design and the cultural scene though. That’s why now I’m starting to turn my passion into business.

Have you ever met a monkey?

I did – in India and Africa. I like monkeys and they like me.

Any monkeys that come to your hotel?

Of course, G-Rough is monkey friendly!

What are your top go-to locations in Rome?

I have set up a list of „owner’s tips“ for my guests, which contains places I frequent and recommend. They are places that will always welcome my guests. Simply ask the concierge!

What is your favourite series on television?

Have I told you that I am a nostalgic? Twin Peaks!!!

What should every tourist do when they get to Rome?

G Rough of course as well as follow my insider picks to the actual hot spots in Rome.
Our hotel offers the experience of design by IF (Italy’s finest) created by my friend and special passionate guide, Filippo Cosmelli and his wife Daniela Bianco.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

Why not!!!? I need a holiday!
I am in love with my country: Ponza, Puglia, Venice, Matera and more…or a last minute ticket to…Titicaca.

What music currently plays on your iPhone?

Lucio Battisti – „l’interprete di un film”, Sylvia Striplin – “You can’t turn me away”.

Are you on social media? What is your favourite Instagram account?

I am a big fan of Instagram, @piticp being my absolute favourite account.

If you could meet any person dead or alive, who would that be?

I would love to spend some days with Francis Scott Fitzgerald cruising the roaring twenties.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

I live in the present. But If I should imagine myself in 10 years I would picture myself playing football in Ipanema with my son Edoardo.

Any more stylish plans for the future?

The pasta is too „al dente“ right now but let’s keep in touch.


Image courtesy of Gabriele Salini

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