Meet Monkeybeau // Haryono Setiadi


Laser cuts, mesh and silk have been on this designer’s mind for the past months. Haryono Setiadi is one of the reasons why Australia is back in the fashion spotlight regarding contemporary looks with an edge! The Indonesian born Australian is a fan of black Converse hi-tops and if he hadn’t gone into designing, Haryono would probably be a finance analyst by now…

Meet Monkeybeau // Haryono Setiadi here:

What were you doing before you started to answer the questions?

I was and am still listening to David Bowie’s Life on Mars  whilst answering the questions.

What was the last thing you dreamt?

I rarely remember what I dreamt…

When did you decide to become a designer? 

In 2007.
Your brand was formerly known under the name of An Ode to No One, why did you decide to change your name?
What I do now is very technical, with a strong focus on textile crafts, so the name change was appropriate and more suited to the new direction. There was an obvious aesthetic transition from AOTNO to Haryono Setiadi.
What is the idea behind your current collection?
The current collection was inspired by traditional weaving techniques and the prints were taken from a series of paintings I created during summer 2014.
Your recent collection is pretty vivid and includes a variety of “special effects” such as mesh, volants and loose material. What is it you look for in a piece?
I tried to re-create traditional weaving techniques into something quite new and contemporary. For the woven story, I used mesh as a base and then hand wove hundreds of laser-cut and hand-cut silk strips through the mesh. It is the most hand-crafted textile development I’ve ever done.
Your collections from seasons past have been very graphic. Do you feel your style is evolving?
Yes. I feel that my style has definitely matured over the years without compromising the aesthetic of the brand.
Did you know that Vogue Australia ranked the Fashion shows by their delay and you got first place, being only 15 mins late, while other shows went up to 50 mins?

It’s the first time that has ever happened. We’re usually a lot later than that, any other year and I would’ve been on bottom of the list.

What is your favourite thing about Fashion Week?

The adrenaline, the late and sleepless nights, followed by a solid 2 days of sleep following the show.
Were you born in Sydney?
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
What are your Sydney hotspots (beach, cafe, area, shops…)?
South Maroubra beach, MCA, and my apartment.
If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would that be?
What is your favourite food & drink?
Korean food and I love mixed fruit juice.
What do you generally do on your days off?

I like to spend time with my family and friends. Sometimes I’ll paint and then sometimes just nothing.
Which is your number one Instagram account?
Anything with cats in it.
Are you a social media kind of person?
What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Brush my teeth…
Which fashion items can you not live without?
A pair of black Converse hi-tops.
Where do you shop your clothes?
Online. My best friend Kylie likes to do the shopping for me.
What was the best advice ever given to you and by whom?
Not to take anything too seriously, especially yourself. I gave myself that advise.
Any advice you can give on styling for women and men?
I think people can tell when you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, so whatever you buy, make sure you feel comfortable. Also, everyone should own a tailored jacket, preferably one from my collection 😉
What would you be if you weren’t a designer?

A finance analyst.

Have you ever met a monkey?
Yes, several times.
What would you like to tell one?
Stop stealing from me.
Have you got any holidays planned for this year?
Yep. Straight after the regional heat of the International Woolmark Prize is finished, I’m taking a mini break in July.
What can we expect for next season?
Layers and textures
When in Sydney….  Stay here, it’s nice here.

Image courtesy of PR

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