Meet monkeybeau // Julius Juul


Meet monkeybeau // Julius Juul

This mid-twenties Dane moved to New York City in search for big city lights, what he found? Creative work with some of the biggest names in fashion, his own Williamsburg studio and a brand called Sons of William. While the Victoria’s Secret Girls go crazy for his brand, Julius Juul loves to travel, party and sip on Tequila Slurpees – already planning the next big move. Now that you are fixed – here is more…

You are a creative director, filmmaker and designer originally from Copenhagen. How did you get into that kind of work?

I’ve always had a lot of interest in creating stuff. I studied creative communication back in Copenhagen, but even before that I was putting together videos, designing visual identities and all that stuff. While being in second year, I was offered a unique opportunity to move to New York and work as an art director for a big ad agency. At that time the person running the business was my “creative-hero”. Obviously I took the job and finished school during nights and weekends here (something i wouldn’t recommend by the way). A year and a half later I realized my ego was just too big to box up in advertising, so I quit and started my own agency, working with film and design while starting off with the Sons of William project.    

You have a clothing line called Sons of William, where did you get that name, what does it stand for?

Yes, my brother and I own Sons of William. The name actually originates from the fact that William means protection and 10% of all profits go to charity. So being brothers we are the sons of “protection”. Originally we also kinda liked the gang vibe the name has to it.

Is it for men only?

Its a unisex line, with the main focus on mens.

What kind of wear is it?

RTW – Everything from head to toe. The AW season’s focus was very much on functional and tactical wear which obviously lead to a lot of outerwear.

Have any celebrities worn it?

In the beginning a lot of the Victoria’s Secret models wore it around various fashion weeks because they were friends or friends of friends. I don’t know if I would call them celebrities but other then that: Cara Delevingne, Travis Scott, MØ, P. Diddy’s stylist recently pulled some stuff for the BET awards – off the top of my head.

Who is your favourite designer?

Can I only name one? I don’t know thats too hard. I would say: 

Rei Kawakubo for being different and forward thinking.

Raf Simons for being consistent with an eye for detail.

Rick Owens for being provocative.

Yohji Yamamoto for an incomparable cut.

Iris Van Herpen for her aesthetic and crazy creativity.

Alexander Wang for being able to commercialize all of the above.

You live in Williamsburg, what’s so awesome about that area?

Well, a lot of creative people live out here. I guess there is just more room to do crazy shit, I have a studio set up in my apartment, which kinda allows me to do some personal projects very easily. And other then that I guess you just meet and connect with more people when you are in the same field.

Can you fill me in on the top 5 places to go to when in Williamsburg?

Hmm…I like Roberta’s and their Tiki Disco. On that same street is in awesome sushi place called MOMO. Smorgasburg is a pretty dope market. For shopping i would go to IDOL Brooklyn or OAK

Which area should one stay in when coming to NYC for a visit?

I think you should just stay conveniently close to a metro stop. If you are not out experiencing stuff the entire time you are visiting New York, you are not getting the full experience.

And how should one start the day?

With an acai bowl and CTC.

What does a day in your life generally look like?

Wake up to about 20 emails from Europe time. Then finish what ever I fell asleep doing at 3 am the night before. Very few days are the same in my life right now so it really depends a lot on what project I am working at that time.

What is the first thing you do when waking up in the morning?

Figuring out where the fuck I am and how I ended up there. Kidding, like everyone else in 2015 I check my phone. 

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You have worked for many reputable designers such as Alexander Wang and Michael Kors. What did you do for them?

I worked with Alexander Wang on some presentation videos and with Michael Kors on the project called Destination Kors. Concept, design and presentation – I worked freelance at Sweden Unlimited, so I actually didn’t get to meet Michael. I met Alex, but in a different setting, my understanding is that he is not that involved in the Alexander Wang brand anymore. He’s really nice, super humble and a happy, cool dude.

Oh and then that: You worked for Kanye (and don’t spare the details)?

Hahah…Yeah I did, but I can’t really, I signed an NDA.

Do you have an “Andy Warhol factory” kinda life?

Slightly less messy and not nearly as many drugs. but Basquiat, Keith Haring and Mick Jagger still stop by now and then…

Where do you go on weekends?

We went to a weird secret underground club place where you had to walk through a restaurant in Chinatown recently – that was kinda interesting. When I was in Seoul, South Korea I went to this 4 story club where the closing time apparently was 1 pm the following day. I wish more weekends were like that.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would that be?

Myself in the future. Just to say congrats on the whole oscar, grammy and the nobel prize thing…

What is your favourite food?

A mexican japanese thai fusion with a side of sweet potato fries, acai and a slurpee.

Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities, do you ever miss it?

All the time. But I feel like I go often enough to quench my thirst.

What music currenty plays on your iPhone?

Travis Scott, Kanye, Drake and this new kid Bryson Tiller

Beam yourself to a different place right now – what would it be?

Tough, but I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo, Japan.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I have a lot of artist I like. If you are thinking in the art world I really like the aesthetic of Terence Koh’s installations and some of Chris Burdens work. I think Banksy is really great, the popularity just dragged him down. I really like the 3D artist called Jesse Kanda.

Which museums are your favs?

I think the New Museum, Louisiana, MoMA PS1 and Palais De Tokyo have been my favorite visits. I try to go out to museums whenever I go abroad.

What do you think of monkeys?

You mean the emojis ? 😉

Have you ever met one?

My brother and I took a trip out to this island called Ilha Grande of the coast of Rio, Brazil. We walked a trail through the rain forest and saw some wild monkeys playing around.

If you could chat to the monkey right now, what would you be asking?

Er det en abe?

What are your plans for 2015?

My work on Sons of William has been talking more and more time recently, hopefully this growth continues. I am also working on another big project, called FORREST NECK, a jewelry company that we will be taking live before the end of this year.

If you hadn’t become an artist, what would you be doing now?

Probably be listening to the daggering sound of my soul rotting from the inside. 

What are you doing right after this interview?

Finishing up some stuff for FORREST NECK, keep an eye out for this, you are not going to want to miss it.



Image courtesy of monkeybeau Julius Juul

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