Meet Monkeybeau // Mikkel Kristensen


Meet monkeybeau // Mikkel Christensen

Following his passion for pop culture and fashion, Mikkel Kristensen has co-founded the Copenhagen based label POP cph. Before that, he was (and still is) one of Denmark’s leading party people organizing events throughout the whole city. He loves to travel, is a big fan of the Californian Coast and whenever Mikkel doesn’t take photographs, he is on tour for POP cph – constantly.
When did you become interested in fashion?

As a kid when my mom let me pic my own clothes. Huge tees combined with jeans shorts…the 90ies, you know. I’m not hugely interested in fashion though; I’m interested in doing our own thing, creating and running a great company and creating beauty along the way. 

What is fashion to you?

Excess. For better & worse. There’s something life-affirming about excess. Beautiful clothes, good wine, music till way past your bed time.

Why is your brand so deeply connected to parties and youth culture?

We started out doing these parties, surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, party makers, musicians, creative spirits. The clothes were just a natural next step. The music, the people, the party, that place where the next thing is happening, is in our blood.

What’s the philosophy behind your label?

To make affordable fashion “inspired by all tomorrow’s parties”, as we say. It’s a nostalgic Velvet Underground reference, of course, but it also symbolizes our love for the clubs where the heroes & heroines of tomorrow hang out and new ideas are born. 

Who is your favourite designer and why?

Well, Kasper, who is the designer of POP. He balances to be super simplistic and still keep everything sexy & contemporary. But there’s always a timelessness about it. Like a Prince song. You won’t pull it out in 5 years and think “what the f***?”!

What was your most amazing fashion buy – ever?

A leather jacket I got when I was 18. It smells a bit funky now. But I’m sticking with it.

What are your three must-haves for spring/summer 2015?

I just ripped my old POP suede biker, so I’ll grab a new one of those, and new 2 white tees. Regarding girls, I would say a 70’ies vibe: suede jackets, a long pleated dress and a romantic lace dress should be in every chick’s wardrobe.

What music currently plays on your iphone?

As we speak: Devandra Banhart. It’s pretty dreamy.  

What’s your favourite movie? 

Lost in Translation is up there.

Heading anywhere nice for 2015?

L.A. & San Francisco. Sunshine, friends & good vibrations. Plus the light is nice for photos and there are a few great stores that wants to work with us.

What’s your number one city in the world?

Come on?:) But Hong Kong has a special place in my heart too.

Have you ever met a monkey?

Ya. He was rude.

What do you like about them though?

They go after what they want. No regrets. Humans could learn from that. 

Your Copenhagen hotspts:


Coffee Factory on Gothersgade.


Condessa is a strange romance between quality street Mexican food and Copenhagen vain rock & roller guys. It’s pretty great.


Same as above. Or a classic Copenhagen bar like Palæ Bar or Bobi Bar if you don’t mind that smoke gets into your eyes…


Wherever we do a party. Last few times at a hotel. Come by the store and ask us, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

You’re brand is expanding – what countries have bought into it?

You Germans really seem to dig it. Besides, especially The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France and the UK to some extend. POP cph is a big city brand. It’s a style you either have or don’t have, anywhere. It’s not bound by borders.

If you were a Hollywood star – who would you be?

James Dean, without the father issues. I guess, I wouldn’t be much of an actor though…

What do you do first thing when you wake up?

If you’re looking for healthy morning routine advice, you’re kind of asking the wrong person. Well, unless I have a girlfriend. 

…and last thing before you go to sleep?

Close my Macbook or blow out my candles, if I remember to.

Parents are always right…what was the most valuable sentence for life they ever said to you?

My dad told me ‘don’t stress’, with a really calm smile on his face.

What are you gonna do right after this interview?




Image courtesy of photomonkey Ferry Van Der Nat

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