Meet Monkeybeau // Paul Schrader


Meet Monkeybeau // Paul Schrader

Paul Schrader listens to Hip Hop while creating new works of art in his loft stuio of Hamburg’s Altona. The German artist has recently made it onto the Saatchi website and sure is one to watch. This Saturday marks Schrader’s vernissage and if you are keen to take a look at his old as well as new pieces of his work, drop by his studio and join the fun. All infos can be found HERE. And for all those of you who want to know all about this young talent – this way please…

You have been pretty successful this far – where do you find inspiration?

Feelings and moods are my inspiration. My paintings are about trial and error and I am working on things, which I would like to see in an exhibition. I want to see a painting and say wow. I try to create that feeling by composing colours and light on the canvas.

What is the best time for you to paint and why?

I like to get up on weekends, have an espresso or two and just start painting. The evening works as well. I like having a drink before I start to paint until the night falls, before going out.

How many paintings do you do a year?

There have been 20 paintings last year. But I am increasing that number.


Any artists you look up to?

Cy Twombly for his power and expression. Jackson Pollock for being one of the best although he couldn’t paint the way it was accurate in his time. He didn’t care and went far beyond. Jean-Michel Basquiat for his innocence and easiness. Even though he dealt with serious issues like racism and death. He painted his mind. What they all have in common is the impression they made and created through their paintings. That’s the aim I try to achieve with my work. Touch people who stand in front of my paintings. Maybe my paintings create a different feeling in everybody but it´s all about that one moment.

Being an insider: which artists do you see gain popularity for years to come?

Well, I hope I am one of them.

How do you think people your age think about art? Is there a big market for it?

Sure, the art market is quite an interesting one. If you want to buy something, art is not the worst choice. Could there be anything better than having a painting you like? You can stand in front of it – naked.

If you could draw 24/7 – would you?

Yes, I love painting but hanging around with friends and having a good time would come a bit short.


How did you become interested in art and do you remember the first image you ever painted?

As far as I remember I have always been interested in art. I have loved colours and being creative, especially the coloured pencils back in kindergarten caught my attention.

What do you do in your free time whenever you don’t turn to art?

A lot of gardening, seriously. I like strolling around seeing what happens. I never plan my day.

What have you planned for 2016?

Do some more gardening and a lot of painting. During summer I want to spend some weeks in Palermo and in December the Art Basel Miami Beach is well noted down in my calendar.

You live in Hamburg. What are your current hotspots?

Altona’s Familieneck is a small bar with a good vibe. Golem for clubbing. It’s cheap and you can decide whether you chill up at the bar or go downstairs to dance. Köz Urfa – best restaurant next to Altona station. It’s always packed but it is worth the wait. During summer I usually just have a beer outside and hang around. When it comes to museums in Hamburg, they are quite rare but it’s getting better. Affenfaust Galerie in St. Pauli for example shows new and fresh artists.

Tell us something about your up and coming exhibition….

I am displaying my new large-scale works. The exhibition takes place in an old warehouse where I live and work. It’s going to be a party in the first place. I hope at least some people will come for the art though…

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

I have absolutely no idea. But it will be a lot of fun until then.


All images courtesy of Paul Schrader

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  1. Naue
    06/12/2015 at 2:40 pm (3 Jahren ago)

    I love the paintings and the fresh and light way of looking at art.


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