Meet monkeybeau // Tom Farrelly


Meet monkeybeau // Tom Farrelly

This twenty something lad from the shores of the Pacific, Sydney to be precise, models while travelling the world. If he could choose one person he would love to meet actress Joanna Lumley and if you want to meet him, you will find out here where he likes to chill when home in Sydney. Let’s just say, he is a Surry Hills kinda guy and recently started his own blog beingtomfarrelly… 

What was the last dream you had?

It was something to do with vampires. Not quite sure wat was going on but it was terryfying – more of a nightmare actually.

How did you become a model?

I quit my job in PR and a friend suggested, I give modeling a go.

What does a day in your model life look like?

Wake up, coffee, shoot and / or castings, some sort of exercise, lots of food and some bad tv, meditation and sleep.

What was the coolest job you ever did and why?

My second cover shoot was in the Atlantic Ocean near Bordeaux, France. I was swimming with a surf board and while it was freezing, it was amazing fun! Afterwards we had loads of fresh seafood and wine then I explored the city. As a kid from Australia, and because it was early days, it was just a totally surreal experience.

Do you have a favourite photographer?

That would be like choosing a favourite child!!

What other interests have you got?

I just launched my website,, so that is keeping me busy. I also love to sing and should be starting to do more of that soon and would love to get back into acting.

What was the most ridiculous part-time job you had as a teenager?

My parents have a pet hotel which is ridiculous BUT ALSO THE BEST THING EVER.

How do you keep fit?

I enjoy running, swimming and like to go to the gym. I also walk everywhere.

Regarding Sydney…

…what are your favourite baches?

Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly.

…best Café?

4ate5 Café on Crown Street in Surry Hills.  

…best bar?

The Beresford Hotel bar – the courtyard is really good on a nice day.

What music do you listen to right now?

An Australian band called Rufus, their album Atlas is great!

Have you ever met a monkey?

I think I have, maybe in Bali. Or maybe I’m making that up? Maybe I need a pet monkey. Or maybe a monkey needs a pet Tom.

If you met one, what would you say to him?

Hello monkey, I am more evolved than you, but I still feel quite intimidated by you.

What was the best advice ever given to you?

“If you try you have already succeeded.” – my dad said that to me.

How often have you checked your iPhone during this interview? 

ONLY THREE TIMES! And that is NOTHING for me! Usually I am constantly on it!! Gosh I’m considerate.

What are your top three Instagram accounts?




What’s your favourite city in the world?

Paris – it is such an incredible place, it has so much history and beautiful architecture. I love it. 

What are your plans for the future?

I want to move to Europe SOOOOO badly.


Images courtesy of monkeybeau Tom Farrelly.


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