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Paris Hilton has built up an empire! You may not be the biggest fan of the American Heiress but fact is: Pais Hilton has shuffled in revenues of over $ 2 billion over the past ten years, WWD reports. And that is through fragrance alone!…not counting her appearances at parties and shows. Chapeau.

Marilyn Monroe’s house is up for sale. Marie Claire reports, that the abode, which is situated in Brentwood, California is on the market for a staggering…well, we don’t know…but in and around the range of $ 4 million! 

It was the video of the weekend! You haven’t been into Daniel Radcliffe since Harry Potter? Well, let’s see if this absolutely amazing performance will get you back on track with Radcliffe. The actor performed Alphabet aerobics on Jimmy Kimmel. Watch it here.

Oh Prada! The Italo-label went all black and white for their resort campaign photographed by Steven Meisel. Starring Adrienne Juliger, Ine Neefs and Moya Mardi, the images are out in magazines’ November issues (read all on Fashion Gone Rogue).

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