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Lily Donaldson previews her Victoria’s Secret look – and everybody wants to see it, naturally. WWD reports that there won’t just be ten more outfits than last year (a total amount of 79) but there will be more models than ever before. An exact number of 47! And to top everything there will be two dream bras (each worth $2 million) instead of one!

…but this is keeping us on our toes. Plenty of models haven’t fully confirmed their appearance at the show yet. You want to know why? Well, Karl Lagerfeld, ie. Chanel will be hosting their Metiers d’art fashion show on the same day. Disaster!!! Let’s wait where we will be seeing Cara and Kendall on the day…

Berlin, I’ve got something for you: Kate Moss will be paying your a city a visit this month. The supermodel is the star of “Kate Moss: The Icon”, which will be on from November 27th until 21st of February 2015 at Galerie Hiltawsky

Just checking what RiRi is up to on Instagramand – SURPRISE: she is being a real cutie, posting snaps of her family members and flashback images of herself. May she be trying to lay down her #badgalimage?



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