Multi Energy Oatmeal and Date Porridge


// Multi Energy Oatmeal and Date Porridge //

Within the past two years, I have turned into a real foodie. Kicking off the interest for a healthy lifestyle with my change in diet turned out to be an interesting journey, that is yet going on. There is so much out there for us to try and taste and while the vast majority of people are sticking to refined sugars and plenty of dairy products, I turned my life upside down – to the better. Here is why:

Did you know that instead of refined sugar, there are way more healthy options to sweeten your meals? Especially when it comes to breakfast! One of my absolute favourite natural sweeteners are Medjoul dates (they are the sweetest yummiest dried dates that ever I tasted). Looking for a way to get some variety in your daily oatmeal routine, this Multi Energy Oatmeal and Date Porridge will leave you full of energy and satisfied for a very long time. Oh – and its taste is out of this world, believe me!

Serves 2 // You need:

-1.5 cups of oats

-1.5 bananas

-4 dried dates

-a handful walnuts

-a tiny bit of agave syrup

-1-2 cups soy or almond milk

For the topping:

-fresh berries & banana

How to: 

Put the oats in a pot, adding a bit of water, the soy milk, a tiny amount of agave syrup and bring to the boil while constantly stirring. Pit the dates, grab the walnuts and place in the blender. Now add the warm oats, one banana and start stirring everything up until well blended. 

Take two bowls and fill them up with your Multi Energy Oatmeal and Date Porridge, top with fresh banana and berries – et voilà.

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