My Australia // An insider’s guide to Sydney

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My Australia // An insider’s guide to Sydney 

Some of you may have noticed that I am an urban nomad by heart. My passion for traveling developed somewhere in between my life in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland and the urge to constantly fly away, discovering new countries, cultures and cities hasn’t stopped since. A couple of years ago, I was lucky to call Sydney my home. I flew to Australia all by myself without goals or expectations – and what I found was simply one of the best experiences of my life. 

Landing at Sydney Airport must have been a milestone in my travel history. Being greeted by some lovely Australians and fabulous weather, I soon enough found myself wandering through the city that I call my absolute favourite in the whole wide world, lying by the beaches and sooner than later not only finding a job but friends who have stuck with me until now. 

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Bondi to Bronte walk

A useful tool, especially since some of my friends and people I met along the way, decided to move around the country, exploring all that Australia has to offer. I instead opted for just Sydney, living in one place for a year really makes a difference to only visiting, ensuring me to really feel at home. I first rented a place in Maroubra Beach, Sydney’s up and coming area by the seaside and literally one of Sydney’s finest surf beaches. I loved that area but quickly found a job in Bondi Beach, which caused me to move to that vibrant and young area only six weeks later. You would find me having coffee at Gusto, eating lunch at Le Paris Go and having dinner at Niko’s restaurant, a greek that I actually started working for later on. 



Bondi really is the perfect place and a lively little village right next to the big city. Weekends are packed with fun and more than once you would find yourself do the Bondi to Bronte walk or Bondi to Coogee walk along the coast, even spotting whales or dolphins. Barbies on the beach (no, not the plastic doll but Barbeques) are a weekly thing too, lucky there are bbq areas that you can simply throw your meat, veggies & co. on and they will sizzle in no time, costing you less than a dollar to use. Oh and did I mention the beach? It’s Sydney’s favourite and needless to say, its most famous! Everyone visiting Sydney will make a stop by Bondi and really, everyone should!


Fancy the best meat around? And I am talking proper ribs? Then Hurricane’s is your place, looking for the finest cocktails? Ravesis and The Icebergs will do them best and not only that but you are in to spot celebrities, supermodels and super stylish people left, right and center! Looking for a night out? Beach Rd Hotel has been around for a couple of years and there are places in downtown such as Casablanca or Home (which offers three floors). 



Instead of hitting bars and clubs you want to keep it easy? Bondi’s Porch and Parlour offers the most delicious breakfast, Paddington Markets is an absolute must on Saturdays (you can buy everything from art, fashion and jewellery to individual gifts and food) there are plenty of destinations that will calm you down in an instant such as Watson’s Bay with its wonderful Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel , Hyde Park located right in the city center, The Botanical Gardens where you can not just relax on the greens but watch the flying foxes up in the trees, The Rocks – super stylish industrial area or even Newtown with its funky atmosphere.

I could go on for hours telling you about all the beautiful things there are to do in this city by the sea but I will keep that for another time. For the moment being, why not head to to check for flights, accommodation and everything else you will need for your trip to the other side of the world. xx conny. 

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