// my everyday make-up routine //


// my everyday make-up routine //

For years, I have stuck to my old make-up habits that I developed when I was a teenager. Basically consisting of these three everyday essentials: 1.) concealer, 2.) mascara and 3.) blusher. Only for the past year or so, my interests in beauty started growing. Needless to say, I was the one flicking through magazines, leaving out the beauty pages – but now, I read every single one of them, can you believe it? I do not have a clue what triggered this certain interest for make-up and beauty but it’s so very interesting and there is so much out there, I still want to try out. For now, I have found a couple of brands and items that have made it into my everyday make-up routine for 2015.

On my recent trip to Dublin (you can read all about it HERE), I discovered Charlotte Tilbury. I have had an eye on the make-up artist turned make-up creator, ever since Charlotte developed her own make-up & beauty line and started posting videos on her Youtube channel, including the likes of Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne & Co. I saw her items being sold on net-a-porter, then watched her videos but still couldn’t get myself to buying any of the items as they are quite pricey. Well, in Dublin, I walked into Brown Thomas (think of it as the equivalent of Harrods in London) and there it was – the Charlotte Tilbury counter. I tried out a couple of products and straight away bought in on the brand. Her magic cream (totally worth it by the way and based on a secret family recipe!!!), combined with the wonder glow creates a beautiful glowy teint and gives you sun protection of LSF15. I generally add some liquid make-up by Clinique before reducing all signs of a long night with my new found concealer called The Retoucher by yours truly Tilbury (obviously!). To give my brows a little lift, I swipe along the Brooke Shields brow lift and am almost ready.

Now, before topping off my look with Bobbi Brown’s bronzer (just a little on each side of the forehead, some on my non-existent cheekbones and a little on my nose and chin). I was told by a make-up artist that only a little bronzer on those parts of the face where the sun would hit you, create the perfect sunshine look (it seems to work).

Now, that the base of my make-up is done, I opt for the all in one, waterproof mascara by Artdeco, before adding some creamy blusher by Face Stockholm. Gently tapping it into my skin and partially onto my temples. Now, my face is glowing and I am ready for the day. 

If you feel like you should give those items a go, feel free to shop below. xx conny.

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Magic Cream: Charlotte Tilbury

Wonder Glow: Charlotte Tilbury

Liquid Make-Up: Clinique

Concealer: Charlotte Tilbury

Brow Lift: Charlotte Tilbury

Waterproof Mascara: Artdeco

Blusher: Face Stockholm

Bronzer: Bobbi Brown

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