My home away from home // Things to do in Dublin


My home away from home // Things to do in Dublin 

I stepped out the plane only about half an hour ago. My recent trip brought me back to Ireland. Dublin to be precise. For those if you who have visited the beautiful city by the river Liffey will know what I am talking about. For the rest – book a flight and check it out. It’s well worth a long weekend or, if you are planning on spending some quality time around the countryside, I suggest you opt for one to two weeks, rent out a car and make your way!

I have lived in Dublin for five years, which makes this place my home away from home. Needless to say I know my way around pretty well and as I have a thing for cafés, bars and shops, I know exactly where to go at what time #brownthomassale (Brown Thomas is the equivalent of London’s Harrods and the best during sale!). Every time I come back though, there is a new restaurant, a new pub or brand new boutiques that are worth checking out. You may have read the article on Dublin that I wrote a couple of months ago. If you haven’t, you can do so HERE. And if you are keen on more Dublin tips, then simply keep on reading. For the past weekend, I packed my hand luggage, flew into Dublin airport with Aer Lingus and checked into Kelly’s Hotel. Not only is this place reasonably prized, as Dublin can be very expensive, but it is smack bang in the middle of where you want to be!


Kelly’s Hotel

Our first stop was lunch at The Port House on Southwilliam Street before walking down Grafton Street in order to check out the summer sale! In the evening we had a drink at No Name Bar (which is one of my favourite places and belongs to Kelly’s Hotel) before heading on towards Yamamori on South Great Georges Street for dinner. My favourites of the menue turned out to be this interesting beef wrapped in lettuce combination (Ju Ju Yaki Niku). In the olden days I used to go for noodles called Yasai Yaki Soba – both recommendations I can give you. As my friend Clare and I were ready for a night out, we headed down towards the Blind Pig, a speakeasy cocktail bar that you have to pre-book. Then onto the Stags Head a typical Irish bar, before partying the night away in RiRa. Needless to say, we didn’t make breakfast the next morning but instead opted for some fruit from the supermarket before heading down to the country for an Irish festival. Coming home in the evening, we decided on putting on the party frocks once again, heading out for dinner at Crackbird (think chicken wings of all sorts!), before getting our hands o some g&t’s at Mary’s, a hardware store / bar that you simply have (!) to visit…ending the night at The Black Door and Legg’s!


Kelly’s Hotel

Within a blink of an eye, Sunday had come around. After getting in a full Irish Breakfast at Avoca, we went on to Le Petit Parisien for tea before hitting Brown Thomas once again (this time in search for the perfect make-up // Charlotte Tilbury all the way, need I say more?). We ended our trip reading the Sunday Paper in bed while watching some Jimmy Carr and when I left at, what the taxi driver called “stupid o’clock in the morning” Dublin gave me the general rainy good bye… 

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