My Pregnancy: The start of the Third Trimester


// My Pregnancy: The start of the Third Trimester //

While everyone else is floating around on blow up flamingos, orca whales and doughnuts on the islands from Mykonos to the Baleares, I am researching pregnancy stuff. Because a) I now have to sit down in a chair to tie up my shoe laces and b) turning around in bed and getting up in the morning require brand new techniques of going about it. Quite fascinating how quickly your body changes and sooner rather than later you find yourself whaling around.

I now sleep on the side with a cushion between my knees, just to ensure a comfortable sleep as sleeping on my stomach and sleeping on my back are things of the past – for now!

Also, with the start of the third trimester, I figured that it’s time I started looking into getting all the things required for little Grapeys arrival. That means:

-buying a pram (including a coffee cup/tea cup holder in case those nights will leave me sleepless as I am sure they will!), baby phone and baby wear

-getting all interior pieces together for the nursery

-investing in everything you need for the changing table (including beauty products)


I have to say that until now – hello week 26 – it was easy enough to get a hang on the whole pregnancy thing. But now, I am starting to feel bigger changes. From Grapey kicking it up in my belly during the day (thanks for not keeping me up at night – yet!) to cramps in my calf at 4am. Pregnancy has got ist downsides. But on the other hand, there probably rarely is a time when you start learning this much about your body and the works of it.

From what I researched, cramps in the calf are nothing unusual for women in the third trimester and can easily be cured with magnesium tablets. And if you need to sit down to tie up your laces – well, so be it. I have decided to take things easy and take my time! A very unusual thing for me to do as I like doing things quickly but am finally starting to calm down a little (something my parents have told me to do for years!). 

Let’s say the pram situation is sorted, after carefully ogling various designs, we decided to opt for the Uppa Baby Vista in black! This design comes from the states and doesn’t just have the biggest space underneath – I will be going food shopping after all – but it has got various perks you really need! It’s super easy to fold up, has an extra sun shield for those summer months, let’s you add your maxi cosy on top as well as push two kids along in the pram…just to mention a few things here.

Absolutely important for me was for the pram to be high up, so this Uppa Baby is exactly what we were looking for. Ordered with a few add ons, we will have the pram within the next six weeks…a first step towards getting all that baby gear together. xx Conny.



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