OMG: Prada does Robots

Prada comb2

OMG: Prada does Robots

Let’s just say there is way tooo much fun in the world of fashion and to raise all that jazz up to the next level, designers really have to up their games. So when it comes to the likes of Fendi, Gucci or Prada, it just isn’t enough to go for silhouettes and prints…there needs to be more. Only seasons after Italo brands such as Fendi have come up with their monsters while Alessandro Michele injected some fashionable venom onto the bags of Gucci (cool bees – just saying), Prada now does something out of this world. Yes, that’s right: Robots are the latest craze at the iconic fashion house.

Who would have though that Prada’s rather elegant bags and backpacks would make for such amazing statement pieces? With their latest robot features, these bags are sure to be a sellout and a definite #hashtagheaven for all fashionistas taking to Instagram (ie. ALL fashionistas). But that’s not everything, bags aside, there are wallets and keychains made from saffiano leather (!) increasing your heart rate and if your heart is skipping a beat now, we have good news: All Prada robot items are available in Prada boutiques this June!

Prada comb3 Prada comb1

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