Getting sleep during pregnancy


// Getting sleep during pregnancy //

If you are or have been pregnant, you may notice that your sleeping pattern changes. Not only do you wake up more often at night because baby is saying hello again, you also need to make a run for the bathroom or the position you have been sleeping in has somewhat become a little uncomfortable.

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The best beauty products to use during pregnancy


// The best beauty products to use during pregnancy //

Being pregnant has you thinking about all kinds of changes. That includes your everyday makeup routine as well as the thought of which beauty products to use. Your skin may change to the better or worse during those nine months and you will either quickly figure out what’s good for you or need a little help in choosing the right products.

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stylethemonkey-blog-the-susanna-boot-2.0-is-here// OMG – THE SUSANNA BOOT 2.0 IS HERE//

While scrolling through the latest incomes on one of my absolute favourite online stores, namely, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The Susanna Boot 2.0 is here!!! In case you didn’t know the Susanna boot, it’s a buckled and studded, almost 1000 € must-have (sad to say, I am still saving up for one) that has been a bestseller for years now.

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Super Healthy Chocolate Smoothie


// Super Healthy Chocolate Smoothie //

Don’t we all love a good chocolate shake? Fact is: Most milkshakes are full of refined sugar, leaving you feel bloated and unsatisfied. So why not try out a healthy version of a chocolate shake that will include good ingredients only and fill you up instead of leaving you feel guilty!

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Cityguide Rio de Janeiro: My personal tips


// Cityguide Rio de Janeiro: My personal tips//

Ready for the one of a kind Cityguide Rio de Janeiro? For the past few years, Rio de Janeiro has been a current on my travel list. Reason being that part of my husband’s family derives from that beautiful sunshine country so we don’t just know where to go and stay but what to do and how to spend the perfect holiday in beautiful Rio de Janeiro! 

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Acai Bowls: This summer’s breakfast trend


Acai Bowls: This summer’s breakfast trend

I first found out about acai bowls when a small company from Hamburg started supplying our office with small bowls of morning goodness for breakfast! The choice offered varied between flavours such as mango, banana or berry with all of them having acai powder as their main base.

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