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// Prenatal workout with Youtube //

Looking for a prenatal workout with Youtube? So was I after hitting the third-trimester mark. If you don’t feel like hitting yoga classes on a specific day during the week – after all, there are only certain classes you should be taking now and these aren’t always on whenever you wish they were – Youtube is a great option. I tried a variety of online classes but got stuck with Lara Duttas prenatal yoga workout routines. Why? Well, first of, he background caught my attention, Lara was sitting in some ommm and tropically serene atmosphere by a pool somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now I know yoga shouldn’t be judged by its surroundings but they do make a difference none the less. So i thought to myself, background – check! Having set up my yoga mat in the living room I was suddenly catapulted to warmer and quieter surroundings than the big city life I was currently in. And only minutes into my prenatal workout with Youtube and Lara Dutta, I was breathing deeply, concentrating solely on my body and mind.

The 30-minute workout flew by and before I knew it, I was sitting back by my desk, working stronger and better than before, feeling energised AND happy having gotten in a quick workout during the day!

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I looked into Lara Dutta as I was wondering and interested in how she came about into doing prenatal workout with Youtube videos. Turns out, Lara is an Indian actress and model and married to a tennis player. The couple had a baby in 2012 and it was around the time of her pregnancy, that Lara decided to be in front of the camera for prenatal yoga videos. After all, she had been a yogi for ten years before falling pregnant. Together with her yoga instructor, she created a routine for expectant mothers that would ensure a healthy and easy workout on the body.

All you need for these routines is a yoga or workout mat, a quiet room and your computer. You can do the workout at whatever time suits you best, leaving you feeling energised and relaxed afterwards. 

My opinion on a prenatal workout with youtube? Too keep it short: I am a big fan! It’s easily done, you can workout in your own surroundings and at your own time. Most importantly: You don’t have to feel bad having skipped yet another yoga class with your instructor if you don’t make it to class. Also: You don’t need to be worried about going about the yoga poses the wrong way. As prenatal yoga is much gentler than general yoga, there is very little you can actually do wrong. So, get your mat out and start yoga-ing!

Namaste – xx Conny.


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