Quick, delicious & sugar-free breakfast



Quick, delicious & sugar-free breakfast

Looking for a super quick way to kickstart your day with a healthy breakfast? Then it’s time to get a hang on your daily morning routine and ditch the general coffee and croissant or bagel for a more healthy version. The quick, delicious & sugar-free breakfast will leave you feeling full of energy, healthy and make a real difference in the long run.

Stock up on the following ingredients and you will have the perfect everyday morning meal in no time! This recipe does not only provide you with a sugar-free breakfast, but it’s also lactose-free, high in fibre and low in fats. Which means that in case you have trouble with weight gain or feel the need for a chocolate bar or a snack just an hour after breakfast, this recipe will a) get rid of those extra pounds and b) keep you satisfied for longer.

And if you think that goat yogurt is a little too experimental for your liking, be assured, I thought the same thing but it really doesn’t taste any different from your general yogurt – it’s only wayyy better for you!

You need:

– Goat yogurt

– 1 ripe banana

– one handful blueberries

– one tablespoon linseeds

– one handful cashew nuts

– honey if you wish

Pour the yogurt in a bowl, add the cashews, golden linseeds, honey and give it a good stir. Cut in the ripe banana, chuck some blueberries on top and enjoy! Easy, right!?



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