Raspberry Cream Pudding


Raspberry Cream Pudding

This raspberry cream pudding will make your party that little bit more delish!…still looking for that perfect Christmas dessert to dish up at the next party? This raspberry cream pudding is not just easily made, it looks wintery and tastes absolutely delicious too. And for all those who like a pudding that’s dairy free, it’s the perfect dessert dish! I know what you are thinking – dairy free cream pudding? Yes, I am all about dairy free food and the least amount of sugar possible as you can read about HERE and HERE, so this dish is completely dairy free as you can easily swap real cream for lactose free cream! It doesn’t taste any less delicious but is better for you too. Oh and by the way, this recipe doesn’t contain any more sugar than is in the meringue, so that’s a bonus too! And now, to the recipe:

You need:

– 1kg frozen raspberries

– 600ml lactose free cream

– 200g meringue

– red port wine

And here is what you do: First of all you will need two bowls, a big one and a medium sized one. Now start pouring all of the cream into the smaller bowl and whip it until it starts to stiffen.

Crumble up the meringue (save a few for the topping) and layer some of it at the bottom of your big bowl. Pour some cream on top and add a layer of raspberries. Top the mixture with a bit of red port and repeat this process until you have used up all of the ingredients. 

Now top the upper layer yo your liking with the rest of your meringue. And place the dessert in your fridge for a couple of hours. Serve cold and enjoy! 

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