Recap Berlin Fashion Week // Laurèl

Recap Berlin Fashion Week // Laurèl

Who let Christie, Diane, Stella and Amber out? Let’s start with the end of the show when four pairs of silver velvet bottoms and the equal amount of colourful mohair jumpers, with some of Fashion’s greatest names imprinted on them, walked down the runway. Amidst a lot of allover-black and even more super cozy off-white looks, feather-details, extra long scarfs and blanket-likes wrap skirts and ponchos were the highlights of designer Elisabeth Schwaiger’s show. Schwaiger, for whom it was somewhat of a jubilee, having been working as chief designer at Laurèl for over 20 years, this collection marked her 40th (!!!) for the brand! The message we took from Laurèl’s Autumn/Winter styles? 1.) Stay warm, stylish and wrap up in comfy materials, 2.) velvet celebrates a comeback and 3.) Birkenstocks are sooo 2016! You better start getting your hands on a pair of Birkenstock-like sandals with a plateau now.

One thing that really stood out was the magnificent choice of soundtrack at the show! Anything from “Say my name” by Destiny’s Child down to some hot tunes by Lana del Rey were made to measure the model’s walks as well as Laurèl’s looks. These indeed were inspired by the powerfulness of the models at the time when Schwaiger took over as chief designer many years ago. The German fashion brand, which by now has become not only a best seller on the German market but has gone far beyond borders to Australia, South Africa as well as the United Arab Emirates. Looks like nothing can stop the brand and who would want to anyway!

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