Sport exercises during pregnancy


// Sport exercises during pregnancy //

Ever since finding out about my pregnancy ( you may have spotted that baby bump on my Instagram), I have been trying out new ways to stay fit and healthy. But eating plenty of vitamins and drinking litres of water doesn’t suffice on its own. As soon as hitting week 12, I decided it was safe to get back to it and start working out again. Not only am I in need of making sure I prevent back pain and fatigue, but I want to try and keep my body in shape as much as possible.

General saying: I found that low impact sports are all good for you. So I ditched all heavy gym classes instead opting for gentle practices. So these are the sport exercises during pregnancy that are easy to incorporate in your daily routine:


Swimming is probably the best workout for anyone during pregnancy. Not only is this type of sport gentle on the body, but it ensures a workout for both arms and legs. It has cardiovascular benefits, increases circulation and builds endurance. Breast strokes will probably feel the most comfortable, depending on the stage of your pregnancy. I’ve always loved swimming, been an avid swimmer from time to time and decided to take it back up at the start of month 4 of my pregnancy.

I did 40 laps on my first visit to the pool and noticed that this workout is definitely one that I will be keeping up. Not only is it easy on the body but it left me feeling refreshed and awake afterwards.


Living in Germany, we grow up cycling generally everywhere. It’s an easy and quick way of getting around while providing you with a gentle workout without even noticing.As from now, I have decided to ditch the subway and cycle to work – at least on those days that are neither rainy nor too cold. What it really does for me? I get a 25 minute workout each morning and evening and at the same time get to breath in some fresh air while doing a gentle workout and relaxing before and after work.


Ever since discovering the art of yoga a few years back while still at university in Dublin, this workout quickly made my top 5 sports that I really enjoy! What I like most about it is the relaxation and breathing technique you develop while at the same time stretching your body parts working on your strength and balance. All important facts when thinking about your child’s health as well as the perfect preparation for giving birth. The generally gentle practices of yoga (try not do go for Bikram but instead opt for Ananda, Hatha or Yin Yoga) will be good for your joints, ligaments and even work your fascias.


and not to forget: Pelvic Floor Exercises

Ever heard of Pelvic Floor Exercises? Well neither had I, or let’s say, I had heard of them but never knew what they were, how you would train and how important they really are. Fact is: If pregnant do train them! Your pelvic floor needs some preparation before birth so that everything down there goes as smooth as possibly can. To keep it short and to get into detail: You do have muscles that work around the area of your pelvic floor and with easy but daily exercise, you can simply train them – even while at work! All you have to do is take a few minutes each day to concentrate on the following:

Holding: For a count of three slowly tighten, lift and draw in the pelvic floor muscles and hold them for a count of three. Relax, then repeat. You may not be able to tighten those pelvic floor muscles for very long at the very start, so take it easy and gradually, week by week, increase until you can hold them for around 10 seconds. 

Urge control: Feeling the need to head to the bathroom? This time, try to use urge control. All you have to do is relax, breath in and out and try to think of anything but needing to go the bathroom. Those holding exercises now come in handy. Try to repeat them a couple of times until your urge lessens. Repeat a couple of times – until you finally give in and go to the bathroom. But – never without a fight!

I hope this article on sport exercises during pregnancy have been useful to you. I will keep up the routine for as long as I can and until my body keeps telling me to stop, which hopefully will be just before little Grapey arrives. xx Conny. 

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