Super Healthy Chocolate Smoothie


// Super Healthy Chocolate Smoothie //

Don’t we all love a good chocolate shake? Fact is: Most milkshakes are full of refined sugar, leaving you feel bloated and unsatisfied. So why not try out a healthy version of a chocolate shake that will include good ingredients only and fill you up instead of leaving you feel guilty! This Super Healthy Chocolate Smoothie is super easy to make, doesn’t include any bad sugars and serves you with a whole portion of goody goodness. Plus: You only need very few ingredients and it only takes two minutes to make – promise. Ready? Let’s go!

Serves 2 // You need:

-2 bananas

-4 dried dates

-2 tsp raw cacao powder

-1.5 cups soy or almond milk

For the topping:

-raw cacao nibs 

How to: 

Cut the bananas and place them in your mixer, add the soy or almond milk, dates and raw cacao powder and give it a good mix. Pour the smoothie in glasses and top with raw cacao nibs. Yummy!


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