The best beauty products to use during pregnancy


// The best beauty products to use during pregnancy //

Being pregnant has you thinking about all kinds of changes. That includes your everyday makeup routine as well as the thought of which beauty products to use. Your skin may change to the better or worse during those nine months and you will either quickly figure out what’s good for you or need a little help in choosing the right products.

I have changed my routine a little and am now using mostly organic products as well as a couple of little helpers that assist me in getting through pregnancy, being able to feel that glow. Here is a personal recommendation for you on things that work on my combination skin. These are the best beauty products to use during pregnancy aka items I really love to use.

Facial Skincare


Regarding facial skincare: My current favourite is Dr Hauschka! Not only are the ingredients 100% natural, the medicinal plants used within the products play the key role in getting your skin to where it should be. If using these products, you can count on the following: less irritation, a smooth skin and a long lasting, fresh and clean feel. While there are a variety of products to chose from, I stick to these three favourites on a daily basis:

Cleansing Creme: Refines, revitalizes and cleanses

Clarifying Toner: Tones, balances and clarifies my skin in the morning and before I go to bed.

Melissa Day Cream: balances combination skin



There are plenty of amazing products out there and I tend to switch and swap, sticking to a certain product for a few months though in order to figure out how it affects my skin. Being pregnant you look around at what’s out there for you as you need some extra care within those 9 months. I have found Blooming Belly, designed by a company called Attitude, they offer everything from shampoo, over conditioner to skin care products and body lotion. And here is what I use:


Worry-free ingredients in the natural nourishing cream have me using this body lotion every time I get out of the shower or bath. Not only are all ingredients hypoallergenic,It has a soft texture, absorbs into my skin quickly and thanks to it being made with argan oil, keeps the skin firm and elastic. As with all Blooming Belly products, it’s hypoallergenic and safe for you and the baby! AND: the lotion smells of apple and is an amazing addition to your pregnancy beauty routine.  

Body Oil

Every pregnant woman will have read about body oil being good for your growing belly. Body oil aids in preventing those stretch marks and generally keeps your skin nice and smooth. You should definitely pick an oil that you really like the smell of. Or (if you are odor-sensitive) go for an oil with no smell at all. There currently are three oils I am using and that I can recommend:

Cowshed’s horny cow for the smell (though this company has a very own maternity oil too), Attitude’s Blooming Belly Natural Stretch Oil with Almond and Argan ingredients and Bi-Oil, an all time favourite within the stretch mark department. These oils have proven themselves to be a perfect addition to my beauty routine and I use them on a daily basis. All you have to do is use a small amount once or twice a day and rub it onto your belly and upper thighs. 

Talcum Powder


Your pregnancy is a first start to already getting used to the smell of baby or talcum powder in general. If you are heavily pregnant during summer months, the powder used on feet and bottom will help you stay fresh for longer. The natural occurring mineral is a simple trick that woman in countries such as Spain and Italy love using. You can either use a scented talcum powder (I prefer Felce d’ Azzura) or you use Johnson’s baby powder. Both can be bought at your local pharmacy or drug store. 

Now you know which beauty items are included in my daily beauty regime. I found these products to be the best beauty products to use during pregnancy so far and will stick to them for now!

xx Conny.



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