Weird and funny facts of pregnancy

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Familiar with the weird and funny facts of pregnancy? Well, neither was I. You may know the Rod Stewart song “I am sailing”, well I have turned this tune into my very own theme song called “I am whaling”. As of now, my pregnancy has come to a point in which it is almost impossible to get up straight from the bed, instead, I whale myself over to the side. But hey, it’s all manageable – just saying. Every blog post and book I read keeps telling me that from now on, everything is going to get that little bit more difficult.

There may be a few, the hormones make for you having the most crazy of dreams. The other day I woke up in the middle of the night because in my dream I was celebrating a huge party when the Backstreet Boys turned up as a surprise performance – I mean, come on!

Backstreet Boys are so 90ies and when did I ever before want to have them at my party? Ok, you got me, when I was ten maybe. Mind you, I am 30 now! But that didn’t keep me from being there biggest fan. As it turned out in my dream I just took to the scene and started performing with them. I can safely say, that YES (!!!), these dreams are out of control.

Let’s take last night for example, I woke up after having dreamt that this one item I want to buy before Grapey’s arrival has been sold out. Now, if you are a non-pregnant person, you would be like no big deal, right? Just wait a couple of weeks and the item is back in stock, well, I was almost in shock and woke up having to get a drink of water. Reason for these weird dreams are hormones in my body, that, from what I read, especially work hard on you at night, preparing you for the busy months to come.

Well, thank you. I know I will be having to get up at night and I will undoubtedly take to my duties but please – these dreams have to stop or I will go insane in the membrane!

Also, I am drinking tons and tons of water, we are talking something like 4-5 litres a day, sure that isn’t normal but I am sooo thirsty. Here is to an upside though: I don’t feel cold most of the time. Turns out, the extra blood, which is increasing by 50% during pregnancy, keeps me nice and warm, yay – that’s a first! 


I guess I am starting to nest now, making sure that everything on my checklist will be ready to go once we have moved and I won’t be stuck last minute having to buy things. And since we are moving to a city half the size of my beloved Hamburg, I am heading into the cutest stores around my area already to stock up on stylish (!) items – I am an aesthete after all and intend to stay that way.

From the “whaling”, via those dreams down to the water intake and the nesting – these sure are some of the weird and funny facts of pregnancy, don’t you think?

Ok guys, I am out – off to shop some outfits and a sleeping bag for little Grapey, who, by the way is kicking up a storm as I sit here writing for the blog listening to some tunes. Turns out, Grapey is an active one and doesn’t much like me sitting down for too long as she gets bored easily.

xx Conny. 

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