What to expect when you’re expecting: A checklist

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What to expect when you’re expecting: A checklist

Pregnancy really turns your life upside down and the quote “what to expect when you’re expecting” has been stuck in my head ever since I experienced the first few months of knowing that I was pregnant. Though it’s probably the best thing happening to me as a woman and my husband and me as a couple, there are so many things to learn. You have to change your diet according to what you’re now allowed to eat (or let’s rather say, learning about what you are not allowed), you need to make sure the workouts you’re doing are not too heavy on the body and you will need to take better care in general.

How to stay organised // pregnancy checklist

Best way is to keep things as easy as possible and not change too much from your old ways. But you will notice that change will come not just because you have to take care but because you will take care. After all, it’s not just you, yourself and I any longer. Some women will suffer from morning sickness and fatigue, especially in those first three months. Lucky for me, I have only been prone to the second. For the first three months I could have literally slept all day and night. As your body is working at full power, especially in the first trimester, it’s just normal to be exhausted – a lot! You may experience cravings and a bigger appetite than usual. I recall once having to get out of the bus in town, walking directly to the pizza stall to get a slice of salty, cheesy pizza. Not the general healthy food I opt for but if kept in moderation, not a worry! So once I had overcome the pizza stage (didn’t happen too often), I was ready to start into the second trimester. My only craving here: fresh oranges! I am still reading and googling my way through pregnancy and believe me, it’s what most women do. After all there seem to be a continuous amount of questions every day that one wants to get solved. Here is a quick pregnancy checklist of things to consider once finding out that you are pregnant:

Get a pregnancy app

One way of keeping good track of your pregnancy, learning something every day is by App. There are a vast amount of Pregnancy apps out there but I found Pregnancy+ to be one of the best! It gives you up to two detailed posts on what you are going through each day, includes a calendar of things that need to be done and has a section for baby names. But that’s not all, each week it tells you what size and weight your baby is at and leaves room for own notes, images and more.

Find the workout that is right for you

I figured that after those critical three months were over, I was not just relieved that I could finally tell everyone about my pregnancy but that I could start exercising again. Though no one has got to stop exercising within the first trimester, I for some reason took extra care and only felt ready for greater sporting activity after. Trying to find the right workout for you may be challenging as your former exercise regime may be a little too heavy at times. I wrote a whole article on the right workout during pregnancy, which will be up on my blog asap.

Go food shopping

If you are a foodie or not, it’s now time to get a grip on what to eat! Not only are vitamins and minerals crucial to your baby’s development but they are important to keep you happy and healthy during pregnancy. Stay away from pre-processed foods and too much sugar and start cooking up some meals that you can enjoy at home and even take to work the next day. This way you won’t have to worry about take away such as f. ex. salad, which may not be washed correctly and therefore harmful to the baby.

Get your smoothies going

If you are finding it hard to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, simply mix up your 5 a day in a smoothie. This way, you will take in plenty of goodness at once while your body will have no problem digesting the food, as its all blended already.

Head to the pharmacy

Medication generally is a no go when it comes to pregnancy, so try and shop some herbal remedies such as fennel and camomile tea, which are good for your bowel system. Invest in a good body oil to keep your tummy and derrière from experiencing too many stretch marks and start using it from day one! 

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This checklist regarding what to expect when you’re expecting, was literally what I have been spending my past couple of weeks with and what I think to be useful to get a happy kick-start into pregnancy. Let me know your thoughts. xx Conny. 

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