When is the right time to shop baby clothes?


// When is the right time to shop baby clothes? //

When is the right time to shop baby clothes? I have been asking myself that questions for months now. Let’s just say that right from the start I wanted to head into a gazillion stores to shop cute little baby outfits for the little one – I blame that on the fashion editor in me. But I held back until, well, month 7, where people not only started giving me little presents but where I felt that I was actually ok to start buying little outfits for little Grapey. I guess, everyone has to make that decision for themselves but I felt that, with month 7 it is a great way to brighten up those downsides that it’s actually starting to get more difficult doing a lot of things, such as tying your laces, sleeping and so on…

Bar from nesting and wanting to get everything ready for the baby’s arrival, we are about to move cities, which makes me want to get all we need together before we move even more. A few weeks into making a few lists of what we really need, I now have almost everything together. It’s all about timing…and since we are having a winter baby (something I learnt along the way, there are summer and winter babies who need different wardrobes – obviously), I have everything ready, from longsleeved babygros (this one is one of my favourites) down to the perfect woolen winter suit.

Feels like being pregnant, you learn something new every day. When going shopping the other day, I was looking for the perfect sleeping bag for Grapey’s bed. I had figured it needed to be cute and pink and warm for winter. The lady in the store asked me whether I wanted to swaddle my baby or just have it sleep in an ordinary sleeping bag. Swaddle? What the heck is swaddling, I questioned her. She showed me that swaddling meant to wrap the baby up nice and cozy so it wouldn’t have its arms moving around (which apparently is a reason a lot of babies wake up during the night).

I wasn’t too convinced and said that I would like my baby to be able to move its arms and that I thought just an ordinary sleeping bag would be fine. Turns out, I left the shop with a swaddle bag going by the name of Cosyme. It has got a pink check design (got to!), is super cosy and apparently THE swaddle bag of swaddle bags. It let’s baby snooze cosily (name says it all) without it being able to move its arms too much – you tuck them into the bag but can leave them out if you feel it to be the better decision. The Cosyme has been clinically tested and been a sleep saver for plenty of mums, so I was told. Let’s see if it lives up to its expectations! I hope this little article on “when is the right time to shop baby clothes?” which turned into a piece of writing about “swaddling” was enjoyable. I am off to the gym for a swim.

xx Conny. 

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